Ah, Philly. Home of the Fresh Prince, Rocky, the Liberty Bell and cheesesteak sandwiches. Loved by the approximately 42 million tourists who visit each year, from history buffs to sports fans. Location of our nation’s first capital, first library, first hospital — you get the picture. Philadelphia is a primo destination for experiencing a slice of American culture and having fun while you’re at it! To help you enjoy the City of Brotherly Love to its fullest, here are a few tips on Philadelphia parking.

Street Parking in Philly

You know the drill: you’re in a new city with all its own rules and color coded signs saying when you can park, when you can’t park, where you can park, and all the combinations thereof. 

So, what to do? We’re glad you asked! First things first: before you go anywhere in Philly, download either the meterUP app (powered by ParkMobile) or the ParkMobile app . Then, simply search the app for places where meterUP is accepted and plan your Philadelphia parking accordingly.

One really handy feature of using either app is that if you’re in a spot that allows adding to your time, you can pay for additional parking using the app instead of making your way back to the car and paying (especially if coins are involved, ugh). Who needs to waste time running back to their car to plug the meter? Not you, my friend. By the way, if you’re curious about how ParkMobile gets along with coin meters, check out #AskParkMoble – Does ParkMobile Work With Older Coin Meters.

Be A Philadelphia Parking Pro With These 3 Tips

Stash Your Ride; Hop On a Bus

One of the best ways to see a city with so much history is taking a bus that drops you off at all the main attractions. Philly’s PHLASH is a hop-on-hop-off bus that will take you on a downtown loop to tourist hot spots like the Rocky statue next to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (you’ll feel like running up all the steps with a hoodie and boxing the air), as well as the Liberty Bell (let freedom ring!), and many more.

If this all sounds good to you, look up 400 Ranstead St. on your ParkMobile app and you can even reserve parking in advance. Then it’s an easy walk over to the Museum of the American Revolution at 3rd and Chestnut, where you can catch the PHLASH.

Event Parking in Philadelphia

Let’s say you’re in Philly for a convention. You have all the info you need for parking on the street and parking in a garage while you explore downtown on a bus, but what if you need to park at a place like the Pennsylvania Convention Center (ahem – Comic Con fans)? Once again, we invite you to open your ParkMobile app and search for the venue. Voila! Philadelphia parking once again made easy.

Now, sometimes venues have dedicated ParkMobile parking; other times, it depends on the event. But you know what? Even if you need to find a garage nearby, and reserve parking that way, all is good! Philadelphia has been deemed one of the most walkable cities in America, and one of the easiest to navigate, so you won’t get lost.

Save Time + Money on Parking = Pro Status

No matter where you roam in Philly, ParkMobile has your back for parking peace of mind. Whether you’re looking to find street parking and save money (while also saving yourself the headache of having to run back and plug the meter), or whether you want to stash your ride in a parking garage for a day and play tourist, we can help! And we’re not just in Philadelphia; read up on using ParkMobile while traveling. As always, drive safely and park happy.