How to pay for parking:

  • Park

    Find an open spot and park. Look around for stickers or signage denoting your zone number.

  • Pay

    Once you find your zone number, type the correct number into the app and select your session duration, the correct license plate number, and your chosen payment method.

  • Go

    Tap “Start” to begin your parking session. If need and where applicable, you can extend your session in the app. No need to run back to the meter!

Zone Parking 3

Metered parking

Some locations which accept ParkMobile will also have coin-operated meters or credit-card kiosks on the street. While we aren’t able to integrate with the older coin-operated meters, we do send your ParkMobile payment information to enforcement officers checking for payment. No need to worry about which payment platform to use: our app sends your parking session information to enforcement. Whether it’s the police or a private company doing enforcement, they will know you paid for parking.


Parking lots

When heading to a shopping mall or mixed-use building with a designated parking area, you will most likely be parking in a parking lot or garage. Parking lots can also be zone parking locations, typically with one zone number for the entire lot. Parking lots will likely offer either ParkMobile-only payments, or payment kiosk payments as well as app payments. Look around for a ParkMobile zone number to be sure you can pay via app.

Parking Lots

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