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ParkMobile 360 Policy Management Includes...

Calendar View

ParkMobile 360 shows you daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views of all of your parking policies, making it easy to visually see all of your parking rates and make any necessary adjustments.

Rate Creator

With ParkMobile 360, you can quickly create rates for specific days, weeks, or months.
 Is there a festival coming to town? New schedule for street cleaning? Streets closed due to a weather event? With ParkMobile 360, change and update your rates on demand across different locations.

Policy Management Across Locations

ParkMobile 360 gives you a complete view of rates and policies across multiple locations. Quickly move 
your locations between policies without having to rebuild your location’s rate structure.

Rate Tester

Before you publish a rate change, ParkMobile 360 gives you the ability to save that rate as a draft and test 
it with our rate tester. This ensures your rate structure is working properly and avoids any potential customer service issues.

People ParkMobile

ParkMobile 360 has given our staff the flexibility and confidence to manage parking rates and times exactly when and how we need to for our community. We wish all our parking systems were as incredibly user-friendly and dynamic as ParkMobile 360."

Meg McGurk,
Town of Chapel Hill

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