How to reserve parking:

  • Pick your venue

    Select the Reserve tab on your mobile app, or via the “Reserve Parking for Later” tab on our website.

  • Pay for your reservation

    Select your venue or location, pick the date and time, your car, and your payment method. Click Reserve.

  • Park your car & go

    View your QR code or mobile pass via app or email. Not all garages accept a mobile pass, so be sure to read instructions to see if you will need to print your pass.

Event reservations

ParkMobile has partnered with over 750 venues and more than 60,000 events (and counting!) to offer parking reservations. Whether you are hoping to find parking for your next NBA basketball game, recreational volleyball tournament, concert, or musical, ParkMobile has you covered. When booking an event reservation, you can filter by different amenities, such as ADA parking, covered parking, elevator access, and printed or digital permit. Save time circling the block by reserving a spot for your next event.

Parking Reservations 1
Parking Reservations 2

Transient reservations

Whether you take public transport to commute into the office or only head downtown occasionally, ParkMobile can help you out with booking a parking spot ahead of time. Metra locations offer parking reservations ahead of your daily commute, so you can park your car and hop onto the train or bus to head into the city. Other locations, such as metro-area garages, offer reservations without being tied to an event. Have an important meeting and don’t want to be late? Book parking with ParkMobile ahead of time and leave the stress at home.

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