Why do you need a platform?

In recent years, there’s been a virtual explosion of parking and mobility technologies on the market. However, all these new technologies bring significant challenges since none of them are connected. Unless you have a single platform to manage all these disparate technologies, you end up using each one individually — which can lead to major problems.

ParkMobile 360 rate and policy management

With ParkMobile 360 Rate and Policy Management, you can manage your entire parking inventory, set preferences, adjust rates, create events, and more. Then push that information out to all your different parking technologies - apps, meters, enforcement solutions and more.

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  • Manage multiple parking locations
  • View rates in a calendar
  • Set and test rates
  • Create special events
  • Audit changes to parking policies
  • Manage user permissions

Policy management features

Policy Management Across Locations

ParkMobile 360 gives you a complete view of rates and policies across multiple locations. You can quickly apply policies from one location to another without having to rebuild a location’s rate structure.

Rate Creator

With ParkMobile 360, you can quickly create rates for specific days, weeks, or months. Is there a festival coming to town? New schedule for street cleaning? Streets closed due to a weather event? With ParkMobile 360, you can change and update your rates across different locations.

Rate Tester

Before you push out a rate change, ParkMobile 360 gives you the ability to test that rate to make sure it is working properly to avoid any potential customer service issues.

Calendar View

ParkMobile 360 shows you daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views of all your parking policies, making it easy to visually see all of your parking rates to make any necessary adjustments.

Push Rates and Policies

WIth the ParkMobile 360 Platform, you can setup all your rates and policies in one central location, then push that information out to all your different parking technologies.

Scalable Technology

Our sophisticated rate engine supports the most complex rate structures and policies used by the largest cities in the U.S.

ParkMobile 360 reporting

ParkMobile 360 puts powerful data in your hands. Consolidate the all the data from your different parking technologies in one central location. Easily track transactions and revenue as well as payment methods, historical trends, and performance for individual zones.

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  • Set up new users
  • Oversee parking revenue
  • Manage permissions
  • Track payment methods used
  • Measure transaction volume
  • Track individual zone performance
  • View transaction type (initial vs. extension)
  • Analyze historical trends

ParkMobile 360 Reporting & Analytics features

Consolidated Reporting

The ParkMobile 360 Platform brings together all the data for your different parking technologies in one centralized location, providing an easy way to track results for the entire operation.

Filter by Date & Supplier

ParkMobile 360 gives you the ability to filter data by date range and supplier, making it easy to pull the data you want to see and compare historical trends.

Easy-to-Read Dashboard View

Don’t get stuck in “Excel Hell.” With ParkMobile 360, your data is delivered in an attractive, easy-to-read format with charts and graphs for monitoring trends and drawing insights.

Scheduled Reports Delivered to Your Inbox

ParkMobile 360 gives you the ability to distribute the right information to the right people by scheduling daily, weekly, or monthly reporting emails to select members in your organization.

Download Data in Multiple Formats

With ParkMobile 360, you can quickly and easily download your data in the format that best meets your needs. Downloads are available in .xls, .csv, and .pdf formats.

Single Source of Truth

Unified transaction data improves efficiency for enforcement personnel checking license plates on-site.

Our partners ParkMobile 360

I really like the flexibility and the forethought that went into the creation of ParkMobile 360. The program is extremely intuitive and is especially useful for special event rates."

Dominic Giacobbe,
Parkway Corporation

The new reporting in ParkMobile 360 really gives us a better way to track our performance. The visual dashboards allow us to quickly identify trends in our business, making it easy to see how we are doing."

Joseph F.,
Technology & Systems Manager at University of South Florida

ParkMobile 360 has given our staff the flexibility and confidence to manage parking rates and times exactly when and how we need to for our community. We wish all our parking systems were as incredibly user-friendly and dynamic as ParkMobile 360."

Meg McGurk,
Town of Chapel Hill

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