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Tools to Help Automotive OEMs Get Drivers Parked

  • Offer drivers smart parking solutions integrated into their vehicles
  • Makes it easier for drivers to find and pay for parking

Why Automotive OEMs Love ParkMobile

Detect Nearby Zones

The vehicle automatically detects nearby ParkMobile zone numbers and prompts the driver to start a parking session with one touch.

Extend Time

Integration with ParkMobile allows the driver to easily extend parking time remotely from the app.

Reserve Spots

Drivers can reserve parking spots at gated garages, event venues, and airports from the center display unit.

In-Car Navigation to the Garage

Navigation systems guide drivers directly to their reserved spots, and a mobile permit gives them access.

EV Charging Availability

Drivers can easily find designated ParkMobile spots equipped for charging an electric vehicle from their in-car navigation.

Adoption & Availability

ParkMobile has over 18 million users, over 1 million parking spaces, and is available in 41 of the top 100 cities.

Automotive OEMs ParkMobile

ParkMobile has innovative in-car solutions that drivers love. Being able to pay for parking right from the center display unit of a car creates a better experience for the driver. We see this a a real differentiator in the market.

— Automotive OEM Manager

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