Three Ways to Park

For day-to-day needs, you can quickly pay for on-street parking or reserve a space in a garage ahead of time. For concerts or sporting events, you can easily book your spot before heading to the stadium.

  • Park Now

    Already found a spot? Enter the zone number posted on signs around the parking meter in the ParkMobile parking app. Select the amount of time you want to park and start your session. You will get alerts when time is about to expire so you can extend your parking session.

  • Reserve Parking

    Driving to the city for the day and need a place to park? Search the area where you are heading and select a garage. Choose the date/time and complete your reservation. Follow instructions on the confirmation page to redeem at the parking garage.

  • Event Parking

    Going to a concert or sporting event? Search for your venue to see all the available parking options. Filter the parking lots by specific needs like covered parking, tailgating, oversized vehicles and more. Book your spot online or in our parking app and follow the instructions redeem parking at the event.

Extend Your Time

Worried about getting a ticket? Hate running back to “feed the meter”? The ParkMobile app sends you alerts when your parking session is about to expire so you can easily extend time right from your phone. Spend less time thinking about parking and more time having fun with your friends.


Reserve Your Spot Ahead of Time

If you’re driving into the city for meetings, don’t leave parking to chance. Reserve your spot in thousands of garages across the country with ParkMobile. Instead of circling the block looking for parking, you drive right to the garage and have a guaranteed spot waiting for you. And you can save up to 50% off drive-up rates. Watch the video to see why you should never leave home without knowing where you’re going to park.

Find the Perfect Spot

ParkMobile gives you the ability to find the spot that's right for you. We give you the tools filter our vast inventory of parking so you can pick the lot that meets your specific needs.

EV Charging

Does your electric car need a place to recharge? We can help.

Gated Parking

Want to get your car off the street? Search for gated garages.


If you like to self-park, you can filter out the valet lots.

Covered Parking

Want to keep your car out of the elements? Find a spot in a covered lot.

Valet Parking

Want someone to park your car for you? Filter by valet.

Re-entry Allowed

Need to come-and-go? We’ll help you search for parking with re-entry options.

Security Onsite

Ensure your vehicle is extra safe by finding lots with onsite security.


Make sure the location has handicapped parking spots available if you need it.

Oversized Vehicles

Got a large vehicle to park? Search lots that allow big cars, trucks and RVs.

Get ParkMobile Pro to Park with Perks

For just $0.99 a month, you can upgrade your experience with ParkMobile Pro. Members get access to our predictive Parking Availability feature, discounted transaction fees and special savings on mobile car washes, rental cars, roadside assistance and more. Watch the video to see everything ParkMobile Pro has to offer.

  • See available spots in your area
  • 15% off Spiffy's mobile car wash
  • $20 off at YourMechanic
  • 15% off Hertz rentals
  • $50 toward roadside assistance
  • Discounted fees every time you park

Pay Your Way

Whether you prefer Apple Pay, PayPal or just using a specific credit card, ParkMobile lets you pay for parking your way. Add up to seven different payment methods to your account, or use the ParkMobile Wallet to pre-load funds into our parking app.

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