What is the Open Market parking model?

The open market model revolutionizes the parking experience. It enables multiple parking providers to compete against each other in the same area, allowing drivers to choose the provider that best suits their needs – convenience, unique features, user experience, and value. Creating an infrastructure for parking payments that benefit drivers – no matter where they park. With an open market parking model it frees cities from the limitations of the traditional procurement model, allowing for innovation and improved customer experience.

  • Avoids recurring, complex, and costly procurements.
    Reporting & Analytics
  • Allows the municipality to adjust requirements and criteria for providers as required.
    Fleet and Corporate Vehicle Managers 1
  • Enables drivers to choose their preferred parking app.
    Parking Reservations 1
  • Encourages mobile phone parking providers to invest in innovation and value-added services.
    Parking Reservations 2

The future of parking is an Open Market.

Discover the Open Market

Cities, future proof your operations and power better customer experiences with open market parking.

Open Market: case study

In 2019, Asbury Park partnered with ParkMobile after visitors voiced concern over downloading new parking apps. The city's solution was adding more parking apps allowing visitors to choose their preferred app.

An open market benefits everyone.

  • Cities

    • Provide more choice for drivers: happier drivers, fewer complaints
    • Save money through increased cashless adoption
    • Create fair competition with lower barriers to entry for new providers
    • Remove complex and costly procurement processes
    • Increase resilience by having multiple suppliers to rely on
    • Enhanced data to support informed decisions
  • Drivers

    • Can choose their preferred app for parking, wherever they are
    • No need to download multiple apps
    • Improved customer experience as additional services are offered
    • Better connected to mobility services
  • Parking providers

    • Gain focus to provide value for drivers
    • Deliver innovation driven by competition
    • Invest in better apps and smarter ways to pay
    • Create services that appeal to different groups of people
    • Work with simpler, more sustainable business models
    • Easier for new providers to enter the market

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