After 15 years, 50 million users, and 3 different owners, we figured it might be time to re-introduce ourselves and give you a glimpse of the people and purpose behind the parking (app).

ParkMobile is a smartphone mobile application used for parking payments in the United States. Believe it or not, we aren’t the ones who decide how much to charge for parking, what payment methods are accepted, or the ones who enforce the parking rules. No tickets, boots, or tow trucks can be found at ParkMobile HQ! To put it simply, we want to make parking less painful and make cities more livable.

A Brief History

ParkMobile in the United States goes all the way back to 2008, and users had to call a number with their credit card information to begin a transaction. Our mobile app didn’t launch until 2009 in Michigan and in 2011, we launched in one of our biggest markets, Washington, D.C.

In 2017, parking reservations were made available, where customers can reserve a parking spot in advance of a sporting event or concert, for example. BMW served as the company’s shareholder, and then acquired ParkMobile as part of a joint venture with Daimler. In 2021, EasyPark Group, the Sweden-based mobility solutions company, acquired ParkMobile and services as the current owner. ParkMobile is now a brand under the EasyPark Group umbrella.The Purpose Behind the Parking App: An Introduction to ParkMobile

ParkMobile’s Offers

Our most popular product is what we call ‘Zone Parking,’ or ‘On-Demand Parking’. This is what you’ll typically see and use when out and about. Zone parking refers to the zone numbers you can find on the stickers or signage around you when you park your car. When you pull into a space, simply open your ParkMobile app, select your zone number, set your duration, and begin parking.

ParkMobile reservations allow you to book a parking space ahead of time. Whether you are heading into town or to the airport, for a concert, basketball game, or a business meeting, booking a reservation with ParkMobile guarantees you a space. No more circling the block looking for a place to park and making yourself late.

ParkMobile Pro is an upgraded version of the ParkMobile app. For just $0.99 a month, ParkMobile Pro offers discounted transaction fees on every parking session, Parking Availability visibility, special offers on rental cars, roadside assistance, and more. With the Parking Availability feature, you can preview real-time space availability in select markets.

ParkMobile for Business is an extended offering of the ParkMobile product with specialized reporting tools. Business owners or fleet managers can create Admin profiles on our ParkMobile for Business platform and add authorized vehicles and users. No more collecting paper receipts and keeping track of expenses, ParkMobile for Business does it all for you. Learn more about this product here.

Our Favorite Tips and Tricks

ParkMobile Hits New Record with 50 Million Users 1ParkMobile has more benefits than just being an easier way to pay for parking. By entering the zone number of the area in which you are parking, you are always marking where you’ve parked. Using our GPS feature, you will never have to worry about forgetting where your car is in a busy parking lot.

ParkMobile also has the benefit of sending you notifications about when your parking session is going to expire. By sending a warning when 15 minutes remain in your session, you know exactly when your parking session is due to expire and can avoid the ticket woes.

When you receive an expiration warning, you will also see the ability to extend your parking session. Here, you can extend your parking session right from your phone to the maximum parking time allowed without needing to run back to the meter or kiosk. This can also help you avoid tickets or a boot, since you have the ability to extend your parking session if you need more time.

We continue to roll out new features and are eager to find benefits for our users. We integrate with different parking and mobility methods, such as gated entrances and credit card kiosks, and offer promo codes which our clients can give out to customers. We know paying for parking can be a pain, and we work every day to make it as seamless as possible. Keep up with ParkMobile and EasyPark Group on our mission to make cities more livable!