Transient Reservations 4

Transient Reservations Include:

  • Pricing to promote lot balancing
  • Parking amenities available
  • Rules and regulations sent before the parker arrives
  • Turn-by-turn directions to prevent circling (i.e. WAZE integration)


Real-Time Rate and Pricing Updates

Balance lot inventory with easily managed rates and pricing, resulting in more reservations and improved customer satisfaction.

Parking Amenity Promotion

Give parkers the ability to reserve spots based on parking conveniences, such as EV charging, gated or covered parking, and more.

Deep Analytics and Reporting

Gain insight into parking and reservation demand, capacity, and activities for better planning and forecasting.

Clear Customer Communication

Customers who make reservations will receive notices about the regulations and policies for your location. Our integration with WAZE enables turn-by-turn directions to eliminate customer frustration.

People ParkMobile

I have to give it to your company. I LOVE IT. If I need to extend my time, I do it on my iPhone, and not panic that I'm not home to add money to a machine. I just enter the zone, and it is done!!!! Also, in inclement weather, I am not out there on the street trying to figure out how much time to put on the meter... I just sit in my warm, dry car and put in the zone, the time, and I'm on my way.

— Barbara S.

I couldn't live without this app. It makes paying for parking so easy.... I also upgraded to the ParkMobile Pro membership so I could get the Parking Availability feature that shows where the open spots are around town. That saves me a ton of time. I don't have to circle the block looking for parking. I just drive right to the streets that have open spots....Overall, I'm a huge fan of ParkMobile. Keep up the good work!

iTunes Review,
July 27, 2018

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