Our next question is from Mark in Indianapolis. “Can I use the ParkMobile app as I travel to different cities?” –

Hey, Mark. Great news, you can use the ParkMobile app in 350 cities across the United States everywhere from Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Phoenix, Santa Fe. So, we are all over the country. Actually, almost 300,000 people make a parking transaction every day using the ParkMobile app.

And 30% of those people are using it when they travel, so they’re using it outside of their home market. So yes, you can use the ParkMobile wherever you go around the United States. One handy tip, so if you’re traveling from where you live to another place and you’re going to rent a car, just remember, you have to put the license plate number for that new car into the ParkMobile app, otherwise the enforcement officers in the area won’t know that that car is registered to you.

And if you have your license plate from your car at home but you have a rental car, they may get confused and you may end up getting a ticket. So, just always be careful with the license plate number, especially when you’re traveling, if you’re driving a rental car. But yes, use that ParkMobile app all over the country. That’s one of the great things about it is that as you enter new cities, you can use it.

And a lot of times, what we do is when you are traveling from your home to another location, we have a feature in the app that lets us pop up a message in the app to just let you know, “Hey, did you know, ParkMobile is available in this location and you can use it.” So, we try to alert you when you’re in an area where you can use the ParkMobile app. Well, thanks for the great questions, guys. Thanks, Jessica for asking the questions.

If you have more questions, go on Twitter and use the #AskParkmobile and we’ll try to get to your questions next time. Thanks.