Are you struggling to find a parking spot whenever you visit the Big Apple?

With the pandemic hitting us hard, most people consider the parking industry to be dead. This is because only a few people only use parking lots or parking garages, and it’s not enough to sustain the building. It causes most of them to shut down or become unavailable for use.

This means that it’s even tougher for you to find a good parking spot when you’re out and about. You’re going to need the help of the best parking app NYC has to offer if you want to pay for a good parking space in no time at all.

ParkNYC and ParkMobile have many features for you to use to make your life easier. Check out what’s below to know how they work and why you should get one when you’re in the Big Apple.

How Do These Parking Apps Work?

Both the ParkMobile and ParkNYC work by helping you pay for your parking without getting out of your car. How it does this is by registering your license plate and the zone number together for a parking session. But, to do this, you must first register on the app and create an account.

You can download either app on Google Play if you’re using an Android device and the Apple App Store if you’re using an iPhone. Once you’ve downloaded and created an account, you load up your ParkNYC wallet using your credit card information. The ParkMobile app works the same way, except that you don’t need to load up your virtual wallet to pay for your parking. You can use your credit card, instead, and pay for your parking spot on your mobile. This can mean you have an even more convenient option for paying for parking.

You then register your license plate into the account. You can register up to five plate numbers into one account if you find yourself using different cars on the regular. Once your account is created, you then put in the zone number of the area you’re parking in.

It’s important to put in the correct information for both your license plate number and zone number since you can’t change this later on. The wrong license plate or zone can get you in trouble with the enforcement officers. This is because it won’t register that you’re parking in the spot you’re actually parking in.

Benefits of Getting These Apps

Getting one of these apps doesn’t only mean that you can pay for your parking on the go. Here are more benefits of downloading either app.

Tracked Parking Activities and Receipts

What’s great about these parking apps is that they track your parking activities. The apps log where you park and how long you stay there. It keeps the records archived, and it also allows you to view them whenever you want.

The apps also keep track of spots that you frequent. This makes it easier for you to select your favorite spots when you’re parking in them again. You can also get receipts for your parking activities if you request one.

With ParkMobile, you can even track your parking activity beyond NYC. The app has coverage in over 450 cities throughout the country. 

Convenient Payment Methods

The main benefit of getting these apps is that it helps you pay for your meter without any hassle. You can pay for everything from the convenience of your mobile device. This means that you don’t need to carry any coins or cards to pay for your parking.

This is important nowadays as it minimizes your time spent outside and touching parking meters and kiosks. It’s an effective way for you to ensure contactless parking in New York. Both apps also remove the need to carry physical cash, making them more essential in preventing you from being a victim of the pandemic.

What if you don’t have a smartphone, though?

You can use your cellphone to call both ParkNYC and ParkMobile customer support and pay for the meter for your chosen spot. 

However, a big advantage of the ParkMobile app is that it not only allows you to pay for parking on the street but also allows you to reserve parking spots in lots and garages throughout the city ahead of time. 

Receive Mobile Alerts Throughout the Day

Another great feature that these apps give you is that you get message notifications throughout your parking session. Both systems send you a message when your session is close to ending. It’s a good way to prevent yourself from getting a ticket for overstaying in your meter.

What’s great is that you can extend your parking session no matter where you are. This is useful if you’re lunch meeting has run long or you haven’t quite finished shopping before your scheduled parking session is set to expire. However, there are some locations where you can’t extend your parking session so be sure to read the signs nearby.

Why Use These Apps?

Did you know that, on average, a person spends 17 hours looking for a parking spot? Downloading the ParkMobile app is a great way for you to reduce the time wasted on looking for a parking spot because you’re able to pay for a parking spot in a lot or garage in advance even before you head out.

Grab the Best Parking App NYC Has to Offer Today

Parking should never be a problem if you have the best parking apps NYC can give you. Choose among these two amazing apps and park with ease today!