The Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the most popular airports in the entire world. As you may expect, though, this also means that it can be difficult to find parking for those who are flying out of this location.

Although it can seem intimidating, there’s actually a handful of steps you can take to help simplify this process.

Let’s explore ways that you can make Atlanta airport parking a breeze.

Get There Early

If you want to have the greatest chance of finding a parking spot at this airport, you’ll likely need to get there hours before your flight. It’s highly recommended to get to the airport early anyway to make it through security, so that shouldn’t be an issue for most people.

Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to arrive even earlier during periods of high-volume travel, such as the holidays, spring break, etc. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll also have a much easier time finding a parking spot if you arrive at the airport earlier in the morning.

Even if your flight is in the afternoon, this is important to keep in mind. You can also use the time you spent waiting in the airport to catch up on work, independent projects, shop, or even grab a bite to eat.

Consult a Map

The last thing you want to do is aimlessly drive around different lots after you arrive at the airport. By checking an airport parking lot map beforehand, you’ll have a strong understanding of what parking lots you should be focusing on.

In the event that a lot does not have what you are looking for, you can immediately check the next best option. It’s also recommended to save a screenshot of the Atlanta airport map on your phone just in case you aren’t able to access it once you arrive.

You can visit this resource to check the airport parking map.

Check for Any Delays

Even on a good day, Atlanta traffic is notorious for being particularly congested. The traffic can easily become even worse than normal if an accident has occurred on a major road or if construction is taking place (which neither is all that uncommon of an occurrence).

Instead, you should be fully ready to depart for the airport before you actually intend to leave. This will give you time to check for any delays and take the appropriate action. 

Reserve a Spot

Although not everyone is aware of this option, it’s possible to reserve a parking spot ahead of time so that you can ensure you have one on the day of your departure. As you may expect, you’ll end up paying less money the longer in advance that you reserve your spot.

Reserving your spot ahead of time at an off-site lot is easy and convenient. All you’ll need to do is input your arrival and departure time to have an accurate estimate of what you can expect to pay. Missing your flight could easily cost hundreds of dollars in some circumstances, such as if you don’t have proper insurance on your ticket.

While many airlines allow you to board the next available flight at no cost, you’ll still be wasting extra time that you don’t need to. Regardless of whether you have to buy a new ticket, missing a flight can sometimes come with a significant number of consequences.

This is especially true for business-related travel. So, it’s worth reserving a spot if one is available to ensure that you depart on time. 

Be Flexible With Your Budget

Sometimes, finding a reasonably-priced parking spot isn’t possible. In this scenario, you’ll likely need to be a bit more flexible with your budget to avoid circling through airport lots while hoping you’re able to find an empty space.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes cost $100+ to park your vehicle at the Atlanta airport for only a handful of days. But, paying this amount is often less than it would cost to purchase a new ticket for missing your flight.

Regardless of whether or not you would need to spend money to book another flight, you would still be wasting time— something that not everyone is able to spare. 

You can expect airport parking rates to fluctuate depending on how busy the season is, and you’ll have to keep this in mind during your search.

Consider Parking Outside The Airport

Many people want to park as close as they can to their gate, something that’s quite understandable for people who have a large amount of luggage. However, you can save a significant amount of money and spend less time searching for a spot if you park outside of the airport.

There are businesses that operate within Atlanta that exist solely to transport people from their vehicles to the airport. You can take advantage of this service to avoid calling a taxi, an Uber, or waiting for the bus.

When you reserve a spot ahead of time, you also be able to ensure that you can park in a reasonable location regardless of how busy the season is.

Finding Atlanta Airport Parking Can Seem Impossible

But, it’s not quite as difficult as many people may believe. From here, you’ll be able to quickly find Atlanta airport parking and ensure that your trip goes smoothly right from the beginning.