Right about this time of year, you’ll start to see bathing suits, beach towels and sunscreen hit the shelves at your local retailers. What gives? It’s 10 degrees outside (if you’re lucky!). One word: vaycay. We’re talking plane taking, sunbathing, umbrella drink sipping vacay. Ahhhh . . . But what if that tropical paradise is a little out of reach? How will you stay cozy and warm until flip flop weather arrives this spring or summer? We’ve got a few hacks for you that will keep those chills away and put a smile on your face despite the weather.

Winter Hack #1: Beat the Cold Snap with a Parking App

We all know the feeling: finding a parking space, only to realize it has a coin-operated meter. Then comes searching the car for loose change, noting when the time will expire, jogging a few blocks to the coffee shop meet-up, starting to thaw out and have a bit of fun before realizing in a panic that we have to plug the meter, dashing out the door and back to our car, plugging the meter, and dashing back to warmth and fun once again. Phew! 

While jogging is a good way to warm up, it’s not exactly fun when all you want to do is be with your friends and not worry about your car. Never fear, ParkMobile is here. Just download our parking app to your phone, and look up your destination to find zone and reservation parking. Then you can stay put in that warm coffee shop with your friends and simply add money and parking time from your phone. #thanksalatté

Winter Hack #2: Become a Movie Buff

You may have noticed that movie prices have gone up in the last 10 years, to the point where it can be a little cost-prohibitive to see more than a handful of movies in the theater each year. But for the money-conscious moviegoer who likes to stay out of the elements and enjoys the big screen, there are now movie memberships that allow unlimited shows for a set price per month (think of it as the theater version of a streaming service membership like Netflix). Additionally, these memberships offer discounts on concessions so you can pair your show with the requisite popcorn and beverage. What better way to avoid the drab, cold weather outside than with an action-packed, thrilling, big-screen experience inside? 

If you’re heading to dinner before or after the show, check out your parking app to help you find a spot. Park like a pro and enjoy the show.

Hacks for the Winter season

Winter Hack #3: Get Fit and Have Fun

Everyone and their brother seems to have the same New Year’s resolution: lose weight. If you read our blog on time-saving hacks for 2020, you’ll know that one great way to achieve this goal is with meal planning. Another way is adding exercise. Even if you’re someone who hates the thought of running on a treadmill or lifting dumbells next to a guy who looks like a professional bodybuilder, you have plenty of options that will get you fit and actually have you smiling when you look at your smartwatch. 

Do you like to dance? Are you pretty sure you could audition for So You Think You Can Dance? Why not give Zumba a whirl? This high-energy aerobics class is less like a gym workout and more like a dance party. All that sweat will push thoughts of cold weather right out of your head. 

Or are you more of a rock climbing enthusiast? There are indoor climbing gyms opening left and right lately, all across the country. When the actual mountains are a little snow-covered, an indoor climbing wall is just the ticket for learning and building skills, honing muscles and keeping you out of the elements.

Any place you go to get fit, count on your ParkMobile parking app to find where to park.

Winter Hack #4: Find Your Hygge

The Danish people have a word that sums up being cozy: hygge (pronounced hoo-ga). It is what makes an otherwise ordinary moment special, e.g., covering yourself with a soft blanket and sitting in front of the fireplace while reading a book (so much more hygge than simply reading a book while sitting at the table). Think about what makes you say “ahhhh” at the end of a long day – perhaps a glass of your favorite wine, a mug of hot chocolate, a soothing bath, lavender essential oil in a diffuser, cuddling up with your sweetie on the couch while you watch a show. Whatever wraps you in a soft hug of warmth and comfort, that is your hygge place. 

Remember to use your parking app everywhere you go, so you can keep that hygge feeling alive and do all the things that make life great.