There is one commodity that you can’t buy or earn, you can’t lose or keep, and is something that seems in short supply or plentiful supply depending on what you’re doing – that commodity is time. Time seems to positively stand still while you wait in line or in a medical office; whereas it seems to fly by at lightning speed if you have a deadline to meet, a plane to catch or you’re having lots of fun. If one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2020 is spending less time on the “have to’s” so you can do more of the “want to’s”, we’ve got some time-saving life hacks to help.

TIme-Saving Hacks with ParkMobile

Hack #1: Spend Less Time on Parking with Our Parking App

When you’re headed to an event or you’re exploring a big city, the last thing you want to do is drive around endlessly looking for parking only to find something sketchy, overpriced and far away from your destination. That’s where ParkMobile comes in to save the day, like a caped superhero. Did you know that every day ParkMobile saves its users from walking a combined 6,500 miles to feed parking meters and 22 days of wasted time looking for a parking spot? That saved time and effort can instead be spent enjoying what they drove for in the first place! 
Before you head out, download the ParkMobile parking app and look up your destination. Some venues and parking lots take advanced reservations, so you can simply secure a spot from your phone and drive straight to it. In other places that take ParkMobile for metered parking, you can select your time, pay and add time from the app – without having to run back and forth between your car and good times. #winning

Hack #2: Plan Your Meals, Make a List

This tip actually helps you in more ways than just saving time – it can help your wallet and your waistline as well. Planning meals ahead of time will allow you to find delicious, healthy recipes, make a grocery list, and get all of your grocery shopping for the week done on one day (instead of spending time multiple days per week driving to and from the store). It will also help you stay on budget with cas

h and calories since having a list helps you feel more accountable and responsible, to avoid those impulse buys. That extra bag of chips? Nope, not on the list!

Try starting meal boards on Pinterest and using a grocery list app like Our Groceries to look up ingredients and then have a list right on your phone as you make your way around the aisles. And don’t forget – combining trips for other errands when you head out to get your groceries saves gas and the planet. Just consult your handy dandy parking app to while you check off your list.

Hack #3: Research While You Shop

Do you ever go shopping at a store and think “I wonder if I could find that cheaper online” or “oh man, they’re out of stock – I wonder if I could find it at a different store”? That slim computer in the palm of your hand has the answers right at your fingertips. Simply search the internet for the item, or go to your fave online retailer and enter the product name. If you like what you see, you can even order it right then and there, without having to drive somewhere else! 

Sometimes the best option is another physical location, in which case you can look up the store number online and call ahead to make sure they have what you need (even ask them to set it aside for you). And remember, if you do need to drive somewhere else, there’s a parking app for that. #ohsoconvenient

Hack #4: Skip the Bank Lines, Deposit Checks via App

Speaking of your phone, one of the best time-saving things you can do is deposit checks with your bank’s app. Just snap a pic and submit – no travel time (or waiting time) required! Who doesn’t like seeing their bank account get fuller in less than a minute?

Even if you only choose one or two ways to save time in 2020, your investment will pay dividends – more time with family and friends, more time for the things you love (Netflix & chill?), more time to have the best year ever. Happy New Year!