Hey, everyone. I’m Jeff from ParkMobile. Jessica’s here with me today. Hey, Jessica.


Hey. So, today, we’re doing an Ask Me Anything session, so this should be really fun. We took your questions, and we’re going to see what you guys want to know about the ParkMobile app. If you have questions, you could submit them on Twitter at #AskParkmobile, hashtag AskParkmobile.

Hank from Delaware writes, “I love your app. How can I get a ParkMobile T-shirt or hat?”

Well, thanks, Hank. That’s a great compliment because we love all of our users from Delaware, and we like you, Hank. Send us a DM on Twitter, and we will get in touch with you and see if we can hook you up with some great ParkMobile swag.

Well, thanks for the great questions, guys. Thanks, Jessica, for asking the questions. If you have more questions, go on Twitter and use the hashtag #AskParkmobile, and we’ll try to get to your questions next time. Thanks.