Lucas from Washington writes, “The app isn’t letting me extend time. What am I doing wrong?”

So that’s an interesting question. So, Lucas, you’re not doing anything wrong. Probably what’s happened is that you have maxed out the parking session for that area. So some places you’re parking, they’ll let you park for 12 hours. Other places, you can only park for one, two or four hours. So if you’ve parked for an hour in an area that allows two hours of parking, then you extend for another hour. So you basically maxed out that parking session. So you are no longer allowed to park there, so the app can’t allow you to extend beyond that time. So it’s important to look at the signs.

We are subject to all the enforcement in the local municipalities, the cities, and the operators that are kind of running parking in your area. So we don’t really have control over that. But the app can’t let you extend time beyond the policies for parking in that area. So, unfortunately, you can’t extend time. You probably have to go move your car out of that location and find a different parking spot, and then start a new parking transaction with ParkMobile.

So this has been our Ask Me Anything session.

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