Laura from Lancaster asks, “I use the ParkMobile app to pay, but the coin-operated meter on the street still says expired. Shouldn’t that change after I’ve already paid?”

Hey, Laura. It’s a great question.

So, some places you’ll be around the country that accept ParkMobile have the old coin-operated meters that are still on the street. And that’s really old technology and our app can’t talk to those meters, so our app can’t tell the meters that you’ve paid. But what our app does is it sends information to the people who are doing the enforcement in the area, so whether it’s the police or a private company that’s doing enforcement, so they will know that you paid.

So as they’re going by the meters, even though it says expired, they have an iPad or they have an app or a phone, and they’re checking all the people who’ve paid. So that first they look at the meter, they see the meter’s expired. Then they check in our systems, they say, “Oh, but they’ve paid via mobile app”, so you’ll be fine. So don’t worry if the meter still says expired. As long as you paid on your phone and you have proof that you paid, you’ll be all set.

Well, thanks for joining me and Jessica for another great Ask Me Anything session. Again, if you have questions, submit them on Twitter using the #AskParkmobile, and we’ll see you next time.