Yankee Stadium, located at One East 161st Street, Bronx, New York, is the home stadium of the New York Yankees, one of the most storied teams in baseball. But that doesn’t mean catching a game is difficult.

With more than 9,00 official parking spaces near the stadium, and plenty more in nearby lots and garages, you’ll be able to find a parking spot no problem. This quick guide will break down your options and make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

If you’re looking for Yankee Stadium parking tips, you won’t need to reinvent the wheel. In general, you’ll want to think ahead, arrive early, and have a plan in mind, so you don’t get stuck driving around in circles.

Where to park at Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium boasts more than 10 official parking facilities that are close to the stadium. They offer reliable parking experiences, and prices will vary depending on location. Check out the list below and figure out what works best for you:

Lot Location/Name Distance to Stadium Time to Walk
151st Street Lot South 0.4 Mi 10 Mins
151st Street Lot North 0.4 Mi 10 Mins
Harlem River Lot 0.7 Mi 15 Mins
Harlem River South Lot 0.7 Mi 15 Mins
Harlem River North Lot 0.7 Mi 15 Mins
153rd Street Lot 0.3 Mi 6 Mins
153rd Street Garage 0.4 Mi 7 Mins
161st Street Garage 0.1 Mi 3 Mins
Gerard Avenue Lot 0.1 Mi 3 Mins
River Avenue Garage 0.1 Mi 3 Mins
Ruppert Plaza Garage 0.3 Mi 6 Mins

Parking farther away will save you a little bit of money. In general, the official facilities will cost anywhere between $25 and $40. Spaces can also fill up fast, so don’t be afraid to show about a few hours early to make sure you snag a spot.

Directions to Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium is located at One East 161st Street in the Bronx, so if you’re using a GPS, just plug that address in and follow the device’s directions. If you’re not using a GPS, you can take the following exits from the Major Deegan Expressway (Interstate 87) to reach the stadium:

Yankee Stadium Parking Tips - ParkMobile

  • Northbound I-87: Exit 4 (East 149th Street/145th Street Bridge) and Exit 5 (East 161st Street/Macombs Dam Bridge)
  • Southbound I-87: Exit 5 (East 161st Street/Macombs Dam Bridge)

How do you park at Yankee Stadium?

There are a number of parking options at Yankee Stadium. The official parking facilities are popular, but you can also look for street parking, and there are also plenty of public parking lots and garages nearby if you want to save some money.

Is there free parking?

There’s no official free parking at Yankee Stadium, but if you play your cards right and show up early enough, you can grab a street parking spot in the residential area surrounding the stadium.

Is it safe to park?

It’s completely safe to park at Yankee Stadium. The official facilities and public facilities are secure, so you can rest easy. The residential area is also safe to park in — plus there’s a police precinct right nearby.

Where to Park Near Yankee Stadium

For a cheaper option you can go for one of the public parking lots or garages near Yankee Stadium. Walking time will always be less than twenty minutes. Here are some popular options:

Parking Lot Time to Walk Cost
380 E 162nd Street 20 minutes $14
1295 Jerome Avenue 15 minutes $15
1185 River Avenue 12 minutes $17
Gateway Center at Bronx Terminal 15 minutes $20
210 E 163rd Street 14 minutes $20
771 Concourse Village W 15 minutes $15
40 E 153rd Street 10 minutes $25

Is there street parking at Yankee Stadium?

There’s definitely street parking available at Yankee Stadium, but even though it’s free, you’ll need to show up early to grab a spot. Head into the residential area around the stadium and start looking. Some good streets to consider are Gerard Avenue, Walton Avenue, Jerome Avenue, and the Grand Concourse.

Accessible Parking at Yankee Stadium

You can find accessible parking in the lots around the stadium, though the spots can fill up quickly, so it’s a good idea to make a reservation. You’ll also need a valid parking pass to take one of the spots.