We’ve all done it, driven to Miami Beach for an outdoor event, concert, or shopping plaza, only to find the place packed and we end up driving in circles trying to find a parking spot. Then we spend ten minutes hiking in from the back lot or parking blocks down the street from our destination.

There are about 10,000 parking meters, 10 parking garages, and 66 lots available for parking in Miami Beach. If you display a disabled parking permit you can park free in any of those locations. For everyone else, the cost of parking meters, garages, and lots vary by location and popularity.

Whether you are a Miami native or a recent resident, figuring out Miami and its neighborhoods can be slightly challenging. If you want to make sure your next outing in Miami Beach comes with affordable and easy parking, read on for some great Miami Beach parking tips.

City of Miami Beach Parking

Parking in Miami Beach is tricky. The city offers a Parking and Transportation card, which works on Electro Wave and at city parking meters. It also operates in most of the garages and parking lots.

Parking meters are more difficult because some use coins and others require you to purchase a card from a vending machine. Vending cards are not interchangeable from spot to spot as you move through the city. Or you can make it easy on yourself and download the ParkMobile app.

Some drivers experiencing frustration grab a spot in the parking lot of a business that is not open. Big mistake! Your vehicle will be towed away at a high cost to you.

If you find yourself with a missing vehicle, call Beach Towing (305) 534-2128 or Tremont Towing (305) 672-2395 to locate your car. They will require cash and a photo ID for you to prove ownership when picking up your vehicle. The cost will likely run you more than $100.

To avoid costly parking mistakes check out our tips to safely park using the method you prefer.

1. Street Parking

Depending on where in the city you are going, street parking is one of the most convenient, plentiful, and available options. Keep in mind that the closer you get to the beach, the more difficult it will be to find a spot.

Street parking is metered, so be prepared to drop in coins or purchase a parking card. It will cost you around $4 per hour to park in Miami Beach. When selecting your spot remember that you will need to return with your card to put additional funds in the meter. If you used the ParkMobile app to pay for your spot, you are able to extend your parking time right from your phone.

2Public Lots

The city has 66 parking lots, so you are bound to find one close to your destination. The cost is about $2 per hour, less expensive than a meter. Lots can fill up fast, so be prepared to spend some time circling until a spot opens up.

There are electric vehicle charging spots available at five locations:

  • 12th Street (G2 Garage), 512 12th Street has two stations on the second floor
  • 13th street (G3 Garage), 1301 Collins Avenue has two spots on floor 3B
  • City Hall (G7 Garage), 1755 Meridian Avenue has two spots on the second floor
  • Sunset Harbor (G10 Garage), 1900 Bay Road has three spots on the second floor
  • 42nd Street (G6 Garage), 400 West 42nd Street has two spots on the first floor

Most of the lots have a maximum ten-hour limit for parking. The parking at 1663 West Avenue only allows parking for a maximum of two hours. The City Hall parking garage limits the time to a maximum of three hours.

3Parking Garages

The city has 10 parking garages, which you will find more costly than street-level parking. A garage will likely cost you between $20 to $30 for a day at the beach. Some do charge a reasonable hourly rate.

When entering a parking garage read the sign carefully. Many will display a cheap price in bold print, and then in the fine print of the sign indicate that the price is only available during specific periods of time. If you don’t check the fine print you may be paying considerably more upon exiting than you thought.

Where to Find Parking Garages

Here is a list of parking garage locations and the minimum number of spots available in each:

  • 1900 Bay Road—400 spaces
  • 1301 Collins Avenue—250 spaces
  • 550 Lenox Avenue—500 spaces
  • 1755 Meridian Avenue—650 spaces
  • 1661 Pennsylvania Avenue—550 spaces
  • 1557 Washington Avenue—800 spaces
  • 400 West 42nd Street—600 spaces
  • 200 7th Street—600 spaces
  • 512 12th Street—100 spaces
  • 640 17th Street—1,400 spaces

Parking garages usually have the option to pay at a payment station or by using the ParkMobile app. If paying with cash, most places do not accept anything larger than a $20 bill. Lose your parking ticket and you will likely find yourself paying a $20 fee to replace it.

4Residential Areas

Be careful about parking in a residential area. Many are exclusive to the people who live there, so look for signs indicating parking is residents only. Another indicator is vehicles parked on the street that display a parking sticker on the windshield.

Do not risk a ticket, having your vehicle towed away, or booted. Stay away from risky residential parking or check carefully for private zone indicators.

5. ParkMobile

One of the safest parking methods that allow you to use all of the above options without risk is to download the ParkMobile app or visit ParkMobile online to pay for your space. It’s as easy as entering your Zone number, license plate number, how long you’d like to park, and payment method.

Parking in Miami Beach

Parking in Miami Beach is easy if you use the ParkMobile. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a place to use immediately or want to reserve parking for a planned outing, we can help. Plan your parking for everything from meetings, interviews, sporting events, food runs, concerts, and flights.

Knowing what the fees are you will pay in advance helps you budget and saves you money. We invite you to see how easy it is to use by finding parking now in Miami Beach. You will wonder how you ever went anywhere without it!