Parking: it’s one of those tedious, time-consuming processes that accompany most of our days.

Whether we’re attending an event, going to work, or shopping downtown, parking is something that requires our time and consideration (and even our dollar bills). In fact, parking might take up more of your time than you realize!

On average, motorists spend 17 hours a year looking for parking in garages, on the street, and in lots. That’s about $345 per driver per year spent on fuel, emissions, and that priceless thing called time we keep mentioning.

So, as you prepare to find Mercedes-Benz Stadium parking on your next trip to Atlanta, Georgia, keep these numbers in mind. If you’re going to spend minutes and money on parking, shouldn’t your experience be as pleasant and straightforward as possible? Parking doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful—and thanks to recent technology, parking can actually be a breeze.

Don’t believe us?

Keep reading to see how to make parking easy in Atlanta, specifically while visiting this famous stadium.

First, a Look at the Current Atlanta Parking Situation

Atlanta is generally known for being a car-heavy place, like most notable downtown cities. Infrastructure has been built to promote and support this—early efforts in the 1950s and 60s focused on creating more surface-level parking lots and parking garages. This parking infrastructure encouraged many a resident to invest in their vehicle.

Because of this, there are currently about 93,000 parking spaces spread throughout Atlanta.

As interests changed, though, so did the parking scene. Once, those parking spots were full to the brim, prompting the building of even more lots. However, many people who live in the downtown area are fans of walking or taking public transportation—and in that action, it leaves an empty parking space.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Atlanta is a parking lot desert waiting to be filled again by tourists and Georgians alike; Atlanta is still a hectic space that needs those spots for residents and visitors.

Some local government officials are considering turning some of these emptier lots into other things—which may make parking cutthroat again. In fact, some neighborhoods are citing a lack of parking spots as enforcement pauses during the pandemic.

Now that you have a little insight into the Atlanta parking logistics, let’s get to the nitty-gritty. Where, oh where, will you park as you prepare to attend a Falcons game, watch Atlanta United soccer, or see BTS in concert?

Next, Where to Find the Best Parking at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Luckily, Mercedes-Benz Stadium makes parking incredibly straightforward.

They’ve partnered with us at ParkMobile to provide easy reservation parking for their attendees. There’s no need to wave down or haggle with a parking attendant or remember exactly where your spot is after hours of tailgating. Instead, you can plan your parking in advance online at, pull up to the garage or lot, and always have a record of your exact parking spot.

There are several garages and lots in the area that are available on game days and for concerts; most within walking distance (think, a half-mile walk to the stadium). Looking at, some of your options are as follow:

  • The Red Deck
  • Lot 432  between Walnut St and Northside Dr
  • Centennial Yards Lot B
  • Ruby Lot
  • CNN Lot
  • Home Depot Backyard (for all your tailgating needs), also AMB Drive Northwest

In addition to these spots, there’s ParkMobile parking in the entire surrounding area. Whether you’re on West Magnum Street or Centennial Olympic Park Drive, there’s almost a guarantee you’ll find something close enough to suffice.

Which parking place you choose depends on how much you want to budget for parking, how close you need to be to the stadium, and when you’re going to book or reserve the spot. It also depends on the type of event that’s going on that day.

Finally, Tips for Making Your Parking Experience (Anywhere) Simple

Parking isn’t inherently fun, but you can make it easy on yourself.

Our advice is to look early—kind of like you’re doing now by reading this! See if you can reserve a spot ahead of time; call and ask questions; research all your options online. The more you know about the parking situation before you get there, the better prepared you’ll be to execute the process smoothly.

Visit ahead of time to save yourself the hassle trying to find and pay for parking the day-of the event.

Last, check out a map of the area and see where your preferred spot is. If you need to take additional transportation to reach the stadium from your parking spot, see if you can plan that early, too. Know where you are and where you hope to park.

Park It! Use These Tips to Enjoy Easy-Peasy Mercedes-Benz Stadium Parking

Don’t waste your time in Atlanta hunting for parking.

Parking doesn’t have to be challenging or difficult like it used to be. It doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. As times change, so does the parking situation—and it’s safe to say it’s not like your grandmother’s used to be.

So, the next time you’re looking for Mercedes-Benz Stadium parking, don’t forget to reserve your spot at We make it simple to use so that anyone can figure it out.

It doesn’t get much better than that.


Still have questions about parking at Mercedes-Benz Stadium? We’ve brought together answers to a few frequently asked questions below.

Where is the best parking for Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

If you’re looking for a great location and an awesome time, it’s hard to beat the Home Depot Backyard. Boasting 11 acres of space, this lot is the closest parking option to the stadium, and also hosts tailgating and other activities on game days.

How much is parking around Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Official parking at the stadium will cost $15 for 3 hours of parking, and $20 if you stay longer than 3 hours. If you’re looking to purchase non-official parking in the surrounding area, prices can range between $13 and $48.

Is parking free at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

In general, no. However, if you drive a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you can reserve a free parking spot ahead of time in the stadium’s Mercedes-Benz Lot using the ParkMobile app.

Can you pay for parking at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Absolutely. For official parking spots at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, it’s easy to reserve and pay for a parking spot ahead of time with the ParkMobile app.