When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, what’s the first thing that pops into your head (besides all the beer-soaked parties)? Chances are, it’s the color green. Green permeates pretty much everything on March 17th – from bagels to beer to the Chicago River – and is a requirement for clothing and accessories, so you won’t get pinched.

We Respectfully Disagree, Kermit – It IS Easy Being Green

Did you know that the original holiday, first celebrated in the 7th century, associated the good saint with the color blue? So what gives with the green? The tradition seems to have evolved from St. Patty’s homeland of Ireland (a.k.a. the Emerald Isle), the shamrock and the old myth that wearing green helped you hide from leprechauns and steal their gold. #dontgetpinched

Green represents the “luck of the Irish” and in our modern world it symbolizes the dream of a healthy planet. At ParkMobile, we love green (after all, it’s our brand color) and are committed to helping you find good luck with parking and reducing drive time thereby cutting down on emissions (check out how we show Mother Earth some love). Make your friends green with envy and get the ParkMobile parking app.

Going Green ParkMobile Blog

Going, Going, ParkMobile Green

Why is it that so many non-human, fictitious characters are green? Think about it: the Jolly Green Giant, Shrek, the Grinch, Yoda, Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, Martians. Why green? Why not purple or red? Perhaps because no human skin ever looks green (even if someone is “green around the gills” with illness or “green with envy”). A green character is something completely other and therefore easily recognized as not human. What does this have to do with parking, you ask? Well, nothing really – except that the ParkMobile parking app helps all the non-green beings of the planet park their non-spaceships with ease. 

Greenify Your Life

As we touched on earlier, ParkMobile is committed to a healthy planet. Here are some ways to show your “green-ness” through more than just your clothes and accessories:

  • If your job allows it, telecommute at least one day per week (or however often is possible).
  • Reduce trips into/around town by making a list of everything you need and then making multiple stops in one day, rather than a few stops here and there spread over multiple days. Map out all your stops in advance to avoid back-tracking.
  • Stick to native plants in your flower beds (or the flower pots on your balcony), to avoid the need for excessive watering.
  • Research what your local recycling service can accept and clean up glass, plastic and aluminum as much as possible before tossing them in the bin.
  • Take reusable bags to the grocery store. If you get plastic bags for produce, reuse them for pet waste and small trash can liners.
  • Plan at least one vegetarian meal per week (maybe eat some spinach or other greens?).
  • Use your handy-dandy parking app (this totally counts as your “something green” on St. Patty’s Day – just show your friends the green ParkMobile logo!).
  • Whether you go out our stay in this St. Patty’s Day, have fun, stay safe and enjoy all things green, especially your ParkMobile parking app

Whether you go out our stay in this St. Patty’s Day, have fun, stay safe and enjoy all things green, especially your ParkMobile parking app.