5 Road-Tripping Essentials - ParkMobile

1. The Essentials

Few things are worse than getting pulled over 30 minutes to your destination only to realize you left your license at home. Road-tripping rule number one – pack the essentials first. Make a checklist and include everything, including the obvious stuff: license, registration and proof of insurance. Ensure all is good to go with your vehicle. Getting stranded on the side of the highway without a spare tire is not on the itinerary. Be sure to include the car manual, spares, liquid fuel and flares – because surprises are only fun when there’s a party included.

2. The Basics

You’re 5 hours into the drive and it’s been smooth sailing but now your phone is on 2 percent. You still have 2 hours to go, you’re using Google Maps and your charger is falling apart. Be the hero and save the day; pack the basics. Remember to bring spare chargers, a paper map, blankets, umbrella and hand sanitizer. Be the MVP of your trip.

3. The Apps

Technology has changed the way we travel, eat and communicate. Apps can amuse for hours and are a must-have on any lengthy car trip. Not only can apps be entertaining but they can save you money. Our favorite app is ParkMobile. You can find parking zones directly on your phone and pay on-the-go. It sends you reminders to update your meter – so no surprise tickets!  Plus, it’s available all around the country with 1 million spots in over 3,000 locations. Bonus tip: use the app to reserve parking during your trip so you don’t spend all your time looking for a parking spot. Considering the average person spends 20 minutes looking for parking, let the Parkmobile app do all the grunt work for you.


4. The Food

This is an obvious must-have; food is the foundation to any trip. It’s the fuel that keeps our bodies moving – also keeps our moods jovial because nothing is more disruptive than being stuck in a car for hours with hungry friends. Set a reminder the day before your trip to remind your friends to carry all their favorite snacks so they don’t eat all of yours. Also stop by the gas station (see number 1) before the start of your trip and pick up some items.

5. The First-Aid Kit

Accidents happen, it’s to be expected. Let’s prevent any unnecessary medical emergencies by packing a first-aid kit. They’re widely available at most stores. Be sure to include sunscreen – UV rays are not cute, and ibuprofen for your wild nights to come.