Spring Break is almost here. Effortlessly plan your perfect trip with these beach hacks.



Make a list and check it twice. The first item on the agenda is to create a master list that includes all the essentials. Create the list a few weeks before your trip and divide it by items to pack and items to buy. It’s easy to get confused and ultimately forgetful, so this is a foolproof way to ensure everything will be ready to go come beach time.



This year, get creative with your beach hacks. If you’re of age, responsibly have fun with your drink choices. We recommend buying alcohol from a wholesale (warehouse) store. It’s cheaper and surprisingly, wonderful quality. It’s rumored that wholesale stores, such as Costo, share the same distillers as your favorite alcohol brands, so you’re not missing out. You don’t need a membership card to shop there, so everyone is welcome. Choose a trending drink like frosé to get the party going.



Road-tripping to the beach is fun until you spend 30 minutes looking for a parking spot. Do our beach hacks cover parking? We solely rely on the Parkmobile app for all our parking needs. The app does it all. It provides GPS-zoning for parking locations to show users garage or on-street parking nearby. Most importantly, it allows you to pay from your phone because who has spare change these days.

Link up your card to the app to easily pay for parking. You paid for 1 hour of parking but you’re at brunch and need 2 more hours? No problem – use the app to remotely extend time on your parking meter. Another perk: reservation parking. Use the app to pay for reservation parking in select locations and never worry about wasting your time circling around for parking. Have a guaranteed parking spot waiting for you.



Research is vital. Picking the perfect location during your stay will change the vibe of your trip.  Highlight your main want – is beach time your top priority or would you rather be somewhere more pulsating? Make sure your group is on the same page and begin researching.

Read various reviews and tailor your searches. Search by “things to do by X” and create a shareable document with ideas. Be sure to check transportation costs. Your parking needs will be covered via the Parkmobile app but make sure you’ve budgeted for those cab rides home after a night out by checking the average rates in the area.