When most of us think about public parking, our minds immediately go to what a hassle it going to be, driving six times around the same block, and trying to squeeze into cramped garage spaces. We may avoid going to certain stores or events because we just know parking is going to be a huge pain. But there’s a new technology that’s revolutionizing the parking industry.

Parking apps are making it easier for drivers to find and pay for public parking. Read on to learn more about how the parking app is transforming the way public parking is managed.

Creates a Better Customer Experience

One of the best things parking apps are doing for the parking industry is creating a better customer experience. Right now, most drivers view parking as a chore, one of those necessary hassles they only deal with when they have to. There’s stress about guessing how much time you need, running back to feed the meter, and the dread of coming back to discover your car has been towed. 

A parking app makes it simple and painless for drivers to be able to handle their parking needs from the convenience of their phones. They can look for spots ahead of time, pay through the app, extend their meter time, and even reserve a spot ahead of time. This greater ease of use will improve customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of drivers parking in areas once not even considered.

Reduces Emissions

Sometimes, it can take a while to find a parking spot, especially on a busy day. Drivers may circle a block a few times, drive up and down the aisles of parking lots, search different parking garage levels. All the while, their car is putting off fossil fuel emissions that warm our atmosphere and destroy our ozone layer.

Parking apps help to reduce these emissions somewhat. By allowing commuters to quickly and easily find and reserve parking spots, it reduces the amount of time they have to spend driving around searching. While this may be a small impact per person, all of those emissions add up to a big difference for our planet. 

Increases Local Business

Downtown real estate is a prime spot for local businesses, but it also comes at a cost. As is often the case, parking is limited and or expensive downtown and customers may limit how often they go or even worse, decide not to go at all. Easier parking means easier access to those downtown businesses and more customer traffic for them. Supporting local businesses helps strengthen local economies and contributes to job creation.  

Reduces Ticketing

Reducing ticketing may seem like a negative thing if you’re the one in charge of issuing tickets. After all, ticket funds go to pay a wide variety of expenses that keep the parking infrastructure working. Because easier parking payment systems improve payment rates, fewer people will get tickets. Fewer tickets reduce the number of resources focusing on enforcement and moves those funds elsewhere. 

Brings in Larger Groups

One of the cooler features of parking apps is the ability to help groups coordinate parking. With a parking app, customers can reserve as many parking spots as they need. Rather than everyone having to try to find parking on their own, the entire group can park in one garage near the area they’ll be spending time in. The same goes for sporting events. With many parking apps, sports fans can organize and actually reserve parking spaces next to each other for the ultimate tailgate party.

Reduces Health Risks

With the coronavirus pandemic still raging, reducing human contact through social distancing is critical to keeping people healthy and safe. Parking attendants and traffic enforcers may find themselves at high risk of catching the virus if they’re exposed to dozens of people a day. This is especially true in parking lots and garages, where customers may not be wearing face masks as they attempt to leave the area.. 

Parking apps can reduce the amount of contact customers have to have with parking employees during their parking experience. They can pay for their spot from their phones, pretty much eliminating the need for a parking attendant. Traffic enforcers can also focus their work on other areas and avoid direct contact with drivers.

Discover the Power of the Parking App 

A parking app offers a number of benefits to drivers and business owners alike. For drivers, it makes the parking experience much easier and more convenient. It can also drive more traffic to local businesses at a time where just about all small businesses can use as much help as possible. 

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