Okay, Jeff. Our next question comes from Brooke in Atlanta. Brooke writes, “Why can’t I pay with my American Express or Apple Pay when I’m using the ParkMobile app?”

Well, great question, Brooke. This is a question we get from a lot of people because, obviously,

you want to pay with your preferred method. You want to pay with your Amex, or Apple Pay, or Google Pay, or whatever you want to use, and we want you to be able to pay with that method. So we accept, through the ParkMobile app, almost every payment method, but a lot of times, either the parking operator or the city we’re working with, they have contracts, and they only accept certain payment methods.

So, for example, in the city of Atlanta, the whole city only accepts Visa and Mastercard, so they don’t accept American Express, or Apple Pay, or some of the other payment methods. So you just have to have usually multiple credit cards set up within the ParkMobile app because every city around the country, every parking operator works with

different credit card companies.

It’s kind of like when you go out to dinner sometimes and you want to pay with your American Express or your Discover card, and they tell you, “I’m sorry. We only accept Visa and Mastercard.” It’s just part of doing business with different operators, different municipalities. They have different policies. They accept different credit cards. So we do the best we can, but know that you should always try to pay with your preferred method because, depending on where you are, sometimes you can pay with an Amex. So, for example, in Atlanta, if you go to Ponce City Market and you park there, you can pay with your American Express, you can pay with Apple Pay. But if you’re parking on the street, which is run by the city of Atlanta, you only can pay with Visa or Mastercard. So we apologize, you can’t pay with every method you want everywhere you go, but most places, you can pay with anything. And our technology does support payment with virtually every payment technology out there.

Well, thanks for joining me and Jessica for another great Ask Me Anything session. Again, if you have questions, submit them on Twitter using the #AskParkmobile, and we’ll see you next time.