Our next question comes in from Kevin in Los Angeles. He wants to know, “Why can’t I stop my parking session when I leave so I’m only paying for the time that I actually use?”

Well, Kevin, it’s a great question. The answer is, actually, in some places you can stop your parking session, other places you can’t. It’s all about the policies that the specific parking operator or the specific town, city, municipality have regarding parking. So, for example, in the city of Los Angeles, you pick a set amount of time, you pay for that amount of time, you can’t stop a session.

But another city like Philadelphia, I’ll show you how this works, you are able to stop your parking session. So I’m going to pull up a zone number in Philly. I’m going to choose a duration, and then I’m going to continue. I’m going to start parking in Philadelphia. Now, what they let you do in Philadelphia, which is great, is that when you’re done with that parking session, you can stop it. And you see right here on the app, there’s a stop button, so you just have to remember to press that button in Philadelphia.

We love this feature. People who are in Philadelphia and other cities where it’s available love this feature. We expect to see it roll out to other cities in the future, so check it. But it just all depends on where you are when you’re paying for parking. Sometimes you’ll have the option, other times you won’t have the option, but it is in the app. It just depends on where you’re parking.

Well, thanks for the great questions, guys. Thanks, Jessica, for asking the questions. If you have more questions, go on Twitter and use the #AskParkmobile, and we’ll try to get to your questions next time. Thanks.