The lengths people go to in trying to find a parking spot in the middle of a busy city can sometimes be extreme. It was only recently we saw a prime example of this with a person who is being dubbed as “Carpark Karen”

These days, trying to reserve parking spaces can be a difficult task unless you have one of the few apps that do it all for you. In this article, we will list a few of the benefits of reserving using apps like these so you can understand what you might be missing out on.

What is a Reserved Parking App?

Reserved parking apps allow you to find and compare parking spots in garages and lots in an area. They then let you book a spot for a small fee. Parking reservations such as these solve many of the problems inherent with trying to look for a spot in the city that most people try to solve by driving around until they find what they are looking for.

Why Reserve Parking?

Well, for starters, if you do reserve parking ahead of time, you will not have any parking conflicts like the “Karen” mentioned above. Aside from that, these are the benefits that reserved parking gives:

Benefit 1: Find the Perfect Parking Spot

Using a parking app, you can search for specific parking that suits your needs. It may be that you need a spot in a garage or parking lot, close to where you are headed because of inclement weather or you know you are going to be in a hurry when you get there. 

Another option is that you could search for a spot that fits one of several other criteria. Examples include whether you need a car charging point, on-site security, paved, lighted, or if the parking lot can handle oversized or heavy vehicles.

Also, such parking apps are a significant benefit to disabled people who may not be able to use certain spaces or are looking for specific handicap accessible spots. Normally, searching for these spaces can try one’s patience. Apps make it easy and quick.

Benefit 2: No Searching for Parking Garages

Back in 2011, IBM found that up to thirty percent of traffic worldwide in urban areas is people trying to find a parking space. As we have seen, this can lead to frustration and anger when trying to compete for parking with a low supply of spots.

Using an app, you can avoid parking fights by ensuring the location you are going to will not have anybody else expecting to use it.

Instead of going from parking lot to parking lot, you can instead plan a route direct from where you are to the parking garage that has a spot waiting for you.

Benefit 3: Compare Parking Costs Fast

By using a parking app, you can look at the cost of parking at several different parking locations at once with ease before you ever leave the house. More often than not, using a parking app to reserve parking is going to save you up to 50% off of the drive-up rate. 

The app works whether you are needing to save a little bit of cash, find a location that is exactly where you need it or has the amenities that you are expecting when you park. It will also be able to give you all the information you need in an easily-digestible format.

Benefit 4: Find New Parking Spots

Whether you are new to the area or have driven there dozens of times, a parking app may highlight more parking spots around the locations you frequent than you expected. Some may even be reservable only by the parking apps and not for users without the app.

How to Reserve Parking

The method for getting started with reserved parking is easy. You only need a smartphone or computer, as well as access to the Internet:

Find a Spot

First, you will want to download an app or visit a website like ParkMobile provides a searchable map that displays available parking in over 450 cities throughout the US.  You can also focus your search on specific requirements, in terms of price or facilities available. 

Sign Up

Once you have found where you would prefer to park, Typically, you will first need to sign in or sign up for the app. This will require an email address to allow you to verify your identity and receive notifications. You will also need to enter a password.

Pay to Reserve

After selecting the location you wish to park and signing in, next you enter in the specifics around time and date and payment details. The app will deduct the cost of parking from your preferred payment method. 

Find Out More

If you still have questions about how the process of reserving a parking spot works, visit the ParkMobile Support site to search for answers or reach out to one of our many customer support representatives, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

If you’re ready to reserve a parking space today, all you need to do is visit – A smarter way to park!