When you think about parking in public spaces, there’s a good chance your blood pressure goes up. You have to try to find an open, legal spot where you won’t receive a ticket, snag it before someone else does, figure out how much time you may need, and dig through the car seats for spare change to feed the meter. What if we told you there’s a much easier way to pay for parking these days?

The ParkMobile app makes paying for parking as simple as pressing a few buttons on your phone. Read on to learn more about the ParkMobile parking app and how you can use it to make your next outing much less stressful. 

Download the App

When you get ready to pay for parking on your phone, the first thing you need to do is download a parking app. Most of these apps are lightweight and won’t take up much storage on your phone. They are available in both the Apple app store and the Google Play stores. Some parking apps, like ParkMobile, also have a mobile version you can use with your cell phone browser. A mobile web version eliminates the need to download another app. Keep in mind, the mobile versions are typically a  lightweight version of the more robust app. 

While many of these apps, including ParkMobile, are free, some come with upgrade options. ParkMobile Pro costs just $0.99 a month and gets you a variety of perks to make your parking experience better. You get access to a real-time parking availability feature, gift cards, discounted transaction fees, and even discounts with car rentals and mechanics.

Find Your Location

Once you have the ParkMobile app downloaded, you’ll need to find the area you plan to park in. If you already have a parking spot, you can simply look around for the zone numbers on signs and decals posted around the lot, garage, or on the parking meter. You’ll then need to enter that number into your ParkMobile app to claim your parking spot. If you haven’t parked yet, you can use the ParkMobile app to find available spots. If you have the Pro upgrade, you can look to see which spaces are most likely to be open when you arrive at your destination. 

Set Your Time

When you arrive at your parking spot, your next step will be to decide how much time you need. In the past, it was tempting to way overestimate how much time you would need. That way, if your trip took longer than anticipated, you wouldn’t have to run back to feed the meter.

The days of being tied to the meter are over. With ParkMobile, all you need to do is enter the amount of time you think you’ll need so you avoid overpaying for parking. The ParkMobile app allows you to choose the amount of time needed and will show you an estimate of what the parking session is going to cost.

Confirm Your Vehicle

After you put in the amount of time you need, you’ll need to confirm the vehicle that is in the spot you’re paying for. This will help any traffic enforcers who come around to make sure the proper cars are in the proper spots. You’ll need to enter your vehicle’s make, model, color, and license plate to confirm your car. You can even save multiple vehicles in case you and a partner share a car or you have multiple vehicles. It is critical that you choose the correct vehicle for that particular parking session. Once the parking session has started, you can not go back and change the vehicle. 

Pay for Your Time

Once you’ve confirmed the vehicle you’re driving, it will be time to pay and go about your day. ParkMobile makes it simple to pay in the way that works for you. The platform accepts everything from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex to Apple Pay and even PayPal. All payment methods are not always accepted at locations, so be sure to verify which is available.

Once you pay for your parking time, you’ll be ready to go about your day worry-free. No more having to run back and check on the meter or obsessively try to remember when your time runs out. You can simply check in on your phone and enjoy your time out and about.

Extend Your Parking Time

So what happens if you have a meeting run long or you find a cute store that you want to take your time in? In the past, you’d have to sprint back to your meter, hoping you got there before the traffic enforcer to feed the meter. With ParkMobile, you can enjoy your time without worrying.

If you realize partway through your time out that you need more parking time, you can extend your parking time from your phone and pay for it without ever going back to the car. The ParkMobile app will even send you a notification when your meter time is running is about to expire. 

Make a Reservation

If you know you’re going to need parking in the near future for a trip downtown, a sporting event, or a concert, you can even reserve a parking spot in a garage or lot through the ParkMobile app. When you look at the ParkMobile map in the area or venue you’re planning to visit, you’ll be able to where parking is available and for how much. Although you will not always be able to reserve a specific spot, by reserving you can ensure you’ll have a place to park when you arrive. 

Once you’ve picked a garage, select the date and time you’ll need the parking spot. You’ll complete your reservation by entering in your payment method. Once completed, you’ll be directed to a confirmation page (and you’ll also receive an email) that contains all the information you’ll need for your parking reservation. Be sure to read the instructions for your specific lot. You may need to present this confirmation information when you arrive to park.

A Smarter Way to Park

Paying for parking has historically been a hassle, but ParkMobile is changing the game. You can easily pay for parking, extend your meter time, and even reserve parking spots ahead of time. And best of all, you can handle all of this for free through the easy-to-use ParkMobile app or mobile website

If you’d like to pay for parking the easy way, check out more on ParkMobile.io. We take the hassle out of parking so you can focus on enjoying your day. Find a spot near you today and discover a smarter way to park..