Thanksgiving is synonymous with three things – football, food, and family. For years, the weekend following Thanksgiving has consisted of intra-state college football games that divide local communities. This is the one weekend of the football season with the most iconic matchups and the games are looked forward to all year. Now, let’s get into some of the competition. 

The Egg Bowl – Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State

The Egg Bowl is played between the Southeastern Conference (SEC) universities in Mississippi – Mississippi State University Bulldogs and the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) Rebels. The rivalry between these two teams is longstanding and is considered one of the most heated in college football.

The name “Egg Bowl” refers to the trophy awarded to the winner of the game, which is a golden football sitting atop a pedestal shaped like an egg. The trophy has been presented since 1927, and the game itself dates back to 1901, making it one of the oldest football rivalries in the SEC.

This year’s matchup will be played at Mississippi State’s Davis Wade Stadium. Ole Miss is favored to win.

The Iron Bowl – Auburn University vs. University of Alabama

Similar to the Egg Bowl, the Iron Bowl is the annual college football rivalry game played between the two SEC universities in Alabama, University of Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn University Tigers. 

The Iron Bowl has a long history, with the first game taking place in 1893, though the rivalry didn’t truly gain its current level of intensity until the mid-20th century. The term “Iron Bowl” itself was coined in 1964 by Birmingham News sports editor, Clyde Bolton.

The game is highly anticipated each year, and the winner not only gets bragging rights but also often has implications for the SEC standings and, in some cases, the national championship picture. This year is not such the case and Alabama is expected to win.

The rivalry extends beyond the football field and permeates the entire culture of the state of Alabama, with fans often dividing along geographic and familial lines. 

University of Louisville vs. University of Kentucky

Now we’re stepping into non-conference matchups. The battle in Kentucky takes place between University of Louisville and University of Kentucky. This year, University ofGridiron Grudges - College Football Rivalry Weekend 1 Louisville is ranked within the top 10, so they are favored to win the game. If you’re planning to attend, ParkMobile reservations are available at Louisville’s Cardinal Stadium. 

University of Texas vs. Texas Tech 

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and that certainly rings true for the state’s excitement about college football. The University of Texas is having an exc

eptional year, having beat Alabama at the beginning of the season. Although they have one loss to their rival, The University of Oklahoma, there’s hope for them to make it far this season. 

With Friday Night Lights such a popular Texas tradition, it’s fitting that the rivalry game between UT and Texas Tech will be played on Friday, November 24. This will be the last home game at Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium for the season, so reserve parking in advance and guarantee a parking spot.

Georgia Tech vs. University of Georgia

Minutes away from ParkMobile’s Atlanta office sits Bobby Dodd Stadium, home of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Our home state’s biggest college football rivalry isbetween University of Georgia and Georgia Tech, two colleges just over an hour away from each other. Every year the two Georgia schools play the Saturday after Thanksgiving and this year’s matchup is at Bobby Dodd Stadium with the UGA Bulldogs expected to win. Purchase parking for the last game of the season today

University of Virginia vs. Virginia Tech

After taking a year off, the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech rivalry game is back this year at UVA’s Scott Stadium. Known as the Commonwealth Cup, the game’s trophy alternates between winners, with the Virginia Tech Hokies currently the cup’s owners. While neither team is ranked this year, this will still be a strong matchup between the state’s rival schools. If you’re heading to Scott Stadium for the game, we recommend reserving parking

Arizona State University vs. University of Arizona

Across the country, the state of Arizona’s two biggest universities, The University of Arizona Wildcats and Arizona State Sun Devils, will be battling it out in Tempe at Sun Devil Stadium. These two teams will bring the heat to late-November football, and the ranked Wildcats are the favorite team for this match up. Of course, ParkMobile reservations are available, so purchase parking now to cheer on your team. 

It’s more than just a weekend of football; it’s a celebration of tradition, competition, and the enduring spirit of collegiate athletics. So, whether you bleed crimson or wear the colors of your alma mater with pride, rivalry weekend is a testament to the passion and camaraderie that make college football an integral part of American culture.