Car culture and the freedom one feels when driving is deep-seated in the American way of life. Getting one’s first car is a pivotal moment for those coming of age.

Ownership is a thrilling experience but this “American tradition” is starting to change.

Ridesharing is replacing regular transit for many Americans. It’s an easy option for transportation without the responsibilities of car ownership. Yet, it’s revealed many downsides and growing pains now that we’re past the honeymoon phase.

Feeling turmoil between choosing to ride or drive? Let’s take a look at why driving, not ridesharing, makes you the king of the road.

The Joys of Car Ownership and the Advantages of Driving

Hitting the roads with the windows down, the cool breeze flowing in, and good tunes on the radio is something everyone should experience. Hopping behind the wheel and heading out on an adventure is something you don’t get when others drive for you.

There are a few things that come to mind when you think of car ownership:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility

Here’s what we mean by them…


A degree of social distancing will likely become the new norm.

Driving yourself and loved ones will play a role in safety. You’re not sharing seats and touching surfaces of a ridesharing vehicle. By driving, you’re not coming face-to-face with those exposing themselves to others (who could be sick).

Likewise, you know who’s behind the wheel, their intent, and driving abilities. By being in control, you’re removing one extra factor that could play a part in driving accidents and incidents.

You can further improve safety by using contactless parking options. Our parking app lets you find and pay for parking spots without touching germ-infested meters or getting into cars that many people have already shared. The app lets you find and pay for the perfect spot while staying safely socially distanced from others.


Reliability, by itself, is well worth the investment in a vehicle.

You never know if public transport will see delays nor the person offering a ride. You’re not dictated to a specific route that could see congestion. You can whip around shortcuts and backways in a pinch.

You also know the status of your vehicle. Because of regular maintenance, you’re less likely to get into unexpected breakdowns. Again, it’s one less factor you have to worry about compared to ridesharing.


From hauling stuff to choosing any destination for a trip, driving yourself puts you in complete control of your time and resources. You’re not waiting for a ride to come to pick you up nor are you rushing because the meter is running.

A Few (Minor) Downsides of Driving vs Ridesharing

The driver dictates the rules on and off the road but it comes with a few minor downsides. These come down to costs, accessibility, and personal responsibility.

Vehicle costs are rising across the board.

Vehicles are a lot of responsibility (fees, maintenance, and more). For some, it’s economical to use public transport and ridesharing compared to car ownership. 

By doing more ridesharing, fewer cars on the road and that means less congestion and pollution. There’s also the bonus of not having to deal with traffic. You can sit back and do whatever while the driver navigates the roads.

Are these enough to give up driving altogether? We say no. But ultimately, the decision is up to you.

The ‘setbacks’ of driving are more-so minor annoyances than major detrimental aspects. But, it’s enough to have some leaning toward ridesharing as their go-to form of transportation.

Ride or Drive: The Pros and Cons of Driving vs Using a Ridesharing App

Ride or Drive? Which Way Will You Go?

There’s something special about hopping behind the wheel and hitting the open road. There’s also a great sense of simplicity of having others drive for you via ridesharing. In all, having the choice to ride or drive is an amazing thing.

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