Next question, this one is from Olivia in Chicago. She writes, “I made a parking reservation at a garage in the city. What do I do when I arrive at the garage to prove I paid?”

Great question. So, with our parking reservation system, when you make that reservation, it will tell you specific instructions on how to redeem parking at the garage. So, it’s very important you read those instructions. Sometimes they’re gonna give you what is a mobile pass, so that will show up right in the app and that makes it really easy when you’re using the app.

And the mobile pass is just a little QR code. You go into the garage, you either show it to the person attending the gate. Or sometimes you can even scan that QR code, the garage will open or when you leave the garage, the garage will open because it will know you paid. Other times some garages require you to print out the pass. So, it’s important you read the instruction because if you have to print out the parking permit before you go to the garage, they may not let you in if you don’t have that printed permit.

So, always remember, read those instructions carefully. Mobile pass is the easiest obviously because it’s in the phone but some places don’t accept the mobile pass, so in those places, you will have to print out a printed pass. But as long as you have that, you show it to the garage operator or the garage attendant, there should be no problem getting into that garage and proving that yo u did pay for a spot in that location.

Well, thanks for joining me and Jessica for another great Ask Me Anything session. Again, if you have questions, submit them on Twitter using the #AskParkmobile. And we’ll see you next time.