Hey, I’m Jeff from ParkMobile. Today I want to tell you about ParkMobile Pro. This is our Premium Membership service that you can get right in the app. Let me show you how it works. When you sign onto ParkMobile, just click More, right here. Then select ParkMobile Pro. Now, when you select it, it’ll show you all of the features that come along with ParkMobile Pro. So you get real-time parking availability.

That’s a great feature. Reduced transaction fees in certain locations. Offers at places like Jiffy Lube, Hertz rental car. You really get a lot of benefits out of the ParkMobile Pro service. It’s 99 cents a month. So if you’re interested in upgrading your ParkMobile experience, definitely check it out. To sign up for ParkMobile Pro, it’s really easy. You just go to the ParkMobile page. Set up the credit card you want to use. Check out ParkMobile Pro membership if you’re interested. Lots of great features. It’s a great way to get more value out of your ParkMobile experience.