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ParkMobile 360 Policy Management

ParkMobile 360 puts the power in your hands. From one easy-to-use web-based solution, you can manage your entire parking inventory, set preferences, adjust rates, create events and track analytics. Everything you need to keep your operation running efficiently while maximizing revenue potential and keeping customers happy. ParkMobile 360 gives you a smarter way to run your parking operation.

ParkMobile 360 Features:

✓ Manage Multiple Parking Locations ✓ Calendar View of Rates
✓ Set and Test Rates ✓ Create Special Events
✓ Audit Changes to Parking Policies ✓ Manage Use Permissions


Calendar View

ParkMobile 360 shows you daily, weekly and monthly calendar views of all your parking policies, making it easy to visually see all your parking rates and make the necessary adjustments. 

Rate Creator

With ParkMobile 360, you can quickly create rates for specific days, weeks or months. Is there a festival coming to town? New schedule for street cleaning? Streets closed due to a weather event? With ParkMobile 360, you just change and update your rates across different locations.

Policy Management Across Locations

ParkMobile 360 gives you a complete view of rates and policies across multiple locations. You can quickly apply policies from one location to another without having to rebuild a location’s rate structure.

Rate Tester

Before you push out a rate change, ParkMobile 360 gives you the ability to test that rate to make sure it is working properly and avoid any potential customer service issues. 


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