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The Problem

In recent years, there’s been a virtual explosion of parking and mobility technologies on the market.

New high-tech meters, sensors, apps, gates, enforcement tools, and more — for those running city parking operations, there’s no end to the new ways to modernize your parking program. If you do it right, you may even be recognized as an “industry innovator.”

However, these new opportunities bring significant challenges since none of these solutions are connected. Unless you have a single platform to jointly manage all these disparate technologies, you end up using each one individually — which can lead to major problems.

Let’s look at an example: Josh has a parking program with two types of street meters — single- and multi-space — and he offers the option to pay with one of three different parking apps. But Josh has run into major problems with his program.

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Josh has to update parking rates in each individual system, so if he makes a simple mistake in one, his meters could have a different rate from his parking app, creating confusion and frustration.


To get data from all these technologies, Josh has to jump from system to system, downloading different reports and creating a master spreadsheet — an extremely difficult and time-consuming way to consolidate data so that he can measure performance and results.


Without a centralized platform to track parking, Josh can’t prevent users from “gaming the system” by paying for parking with different methods (meters, apps, etc.) one after another in order to stay longer than the maximum time allowed.


With different technologies all using different payment processors, Josh has a very hard time aggregating and reconciling financial transactions each month.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s only going to get more complex with the future of autonomous vehicles, EV charging on curb, artificial intelligence, and other mobility innovations.

The Solution

ParkMobile 360 is the single platform that powers your entire parking and mobility operation.

ParkMobile 360 was purpose-built to manage complex, multi-endpoint and multi-app environments, consolidating all parking payment options into a single rate engine and reporting solution. This provides cities and operators with the tools to efficiently manage their entire parking and mobility operation through a single, intuitive, consolidated platform.

After three years of development, the ParkMobile 360 platform was officially launched in 2018. It has already been adopted nationwide to manage mobile payments via the ParkMobile app and our 20+ white label apps. Currently, over 500 municipalities and operators use ParkMobile 360 to manage rates and policies in real-time, and more than 1,000 clients use ParkMobile 360’s reporting and analytics to track performance and gain deep insights into their operations.

From single-space meters, to multi-space kiosks, to gates, to enforcement, to mobile parking apps, ParkMobile 360 gives you one platform to manage your operation. So, if you’re struggling with all of the parking and mobility technology out there, it’s time to bring it all together with ParkMobile 360.

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People Love ParkMobile

“We’ve been very impressed with ParkMobile 360. It’s easy to use and makes it possible for us to efficiently manage our inventory and get a full view of our business.”

Jillian Cooper

Sr. Manager of Transition Services

Preferred Parking Service, LLC.


“I really like the flexibility and the forethought that went into the creation of ParkMobile 360. The program is extremely intuitive and is especially useful for special event rates.”

Dominic Giacobbe

Parkway Corporation


The new reporting in ParkMobile 360 really gives us a better way to track our performance. The visual dashboards allow us to quickly identify trends in our business, making it easy to see how we’re doing.”

Joseph Fazio

Technology & Systems Manager

University of South Florida


“ParkMobile 360 has given our staff the flexibility and confidence to manage parking rates and times exactly when and how we need to for our community. We wish all our parking systems were as incredibly user-friendly and dynamic as ParkMobile 360 is.”

Meg McGurk

Town of Chapel Hill

Reasons to Believe in ParkMobile 360


It’s the only solution in the industry that manages multiple apps in one platform, enabling cities and operators to let consumers use the app of their choice to pay for parking.


ParkMobile is the leader in smart parking and mobility solutions in the U.S. with 18+ million users and availability in 7 of the top 10 cities.


In the past four years, ParkMobile has raised significant funding from global OEMs (BMW and Daimler) and spent over $30M on the ParkMobile 360 platform, which is now fully operational and in production across the U.S.


ParkMobile has an industry-leading Developer Portal with APIs that enable different technology providers to connect to the platform.

Benefits of ParkMobile 360


Manage rates, set preferences, administer policies, and create events in one centralized platform.


Push rate and policy updates to meters, apps, and other technologies in real-time.


Unified transaction data improves efficiency for enforcement personnel checking license plates on-site.


ParkMobile APIs do real-time rate calculations for each license plate number, ensuring consistent rates across all parking solutions.


Our sophisticated rate engine supports the most complex rate structures and policies used by the largest cities in the U.S.


The ParkMobile 360 platform already supports new and emerging smart city technologies like payment at EV charging stations.


Our open system connects different technologies to the ParkMobile 360 platform so that you’re not locked in to one vendor, giving you the flexibility to add or remove technology over time.


Data across technologies is consolidated in ParkMobile 360’s analytics platform, providing a single operational view and streamlined financial reporting.


Apply policies and restrictions across channels to ensure effective enforcement and avoid issues related to users “gaming the system.”