ParkMobile Research Study – Empowering the Multimodal Journey

Today’s mobility solutions are enabling people to get where they are going using a variety of transportation options that reduce friction in the process. As these solutions continue to expand, it’s not about which mobility player is going to win in the end, but about how all of the available options fit together to create a seamless mobility journey for the consumer.

The Multimodal Consumer

ParkMobile conducted a survey with 500+ users to see what mobility services people are engaging with beyond the app. While cars remain the default for many urban trips, other transportation options are a key component of the consumer journey.

The Intermodal Commute

By offering users different transportation methods to get from place to place, mobility solution providers are enabling them with the option to choose which method or combination of methods is most convenient.

User Survey Highlights

ParkMobile users are also using a variety of other mobility solutions every month to get where they are going.

  • 55% use public transit
  • 54% use a ride-hailing service
  • 40% use a bike or scooter sharing service
  • 31% use a car-sharing service

70% have used multiple mobility services in a given day.

You drive and park your personal car at work. You take a bike-share to and from lunch. After work, you take a ride-hailing service to grab drinks with a friend.

48% have used multiple mobility services when navigating to a single destination.

To get to work, you drive and park your car at the nearby train station, board the train, get off at the stop six blocks from your office, and then take a scooter-share the remainder of the way.


Our survey results confirmed that our users engage with a variety of mobility solutions to get from place to place in the most efficient way.

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