When there’s a lot of global turmoil happening, we can usually see hardships trickle down onto gas prices. And we know there’s nothing more frustrating than watching gas prices rise when there’s nothing you can do about it. Stop leaving the house? Yeah, right! While you still have places to go and people to see to catch up with after a few years inside the house, we know how precious saving money on gas is right now. We’ve rounded up a few tips to you can cut down on your gas station trips.

Bring a friend – carpool!

Meeting someone for dinner? Offer to pick them up on your way and ask them to return the favor next time. It’s like a Buy One Get One deal on gas! You’ll save by turning two trips into one and cutting your gas usage.When Gas Prices Are High, Use Your Fuel Efficiently

Use Cruise Control on Highways

It’s often a feature we forget about, but cruise control really does save energy. By constantly accelerating and decelerating the gas pedal, we expel 7-14% more gas than by simply turning on cruise control and driving at a consistent speed. This is most useful for flat road and highway drives, so perfect for your morning commute.

Plan your Parking Ahead of Time

Did you know you spend 1/3 of your time in your car searching for that perfect parking space? You waste 17 hours a year looking for a place to park. Think about how much gas you can go through just circling the block. Luckily, we have a solution for that: The ParkMobile app! With ParkMobile Pro, you can view real-time parking availability, so you’ll never have to circle the block to find an open space again.

Keep Your Car Clean

Believe it or not, carrying around extra junk in your car really does weigh it down. And when your car is weighed down by a few extra pounds, you use more gas driving it around. The extra weight decreases gas mileage. If possible, carry the extra items inside your car rather than on a roof rack on top.

Let the Breeze in and Turn Off the AC

Using the air conditioning in your car also uses extra fuel by as much as 20%. If it’s nice outside, turn the music up and the windows down.

TL;DR: Don’t circle, plan ahead with ParkMobile.

Gas prices are at an all-time high, but that doesn’t mean you stop driving. When you’ve got places to go, be sure to use your car’s energy as efficiently as possible. No more circling the block or idling in your car, be sure to use ParkMobile to find the perfect parking spot quickly and easily.