Meet the executives from the Parkmobile leadership team that drive the vision and strategy for the company.
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Parkmobile Leadership Team
Jon Ziglar Portrait
Jon Ziglar
Chief Executive Officer
Hank Vanjaria Portrait
Hank Vanjaria
Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Perkins Portrait
Jeff Perkins
Chief Marketing Officer
Alison Ehrlich Portrait
Alison Ehrlich
SVP, Administration
Bob Shepard Portrait
Bob Shepard
SVP, Product Management
David Hoyt Portrait
David Hoyt
SVP, Sales
Brian Burleson Portrait
Brian Burleson
SVP, Client Operations
Dee Quilliams Portrait
Dee Quilliams
VP, Member Services
Barry Hodges Portrait
Barry Hodges
VP, Software Development
Ajit Pol Portrait
Ajit Pol
VP, Project Management
Tina Dyers Portrait
Tina Dyer
VP, Marketing