A Smarter Way To Manage Your Corporate Fleet

Save time and money by using the Parkmobile for Business program to keep track of all of your fleet vehicles' parking receipts, payments and reimbursements.

  • See where your fleet cars are parking

    ParkMobile gives you the visibility to see exactly where your fleet vehicles are going every day. Easily track where vehicles are parked and how much is being spent on parking fees.

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  • Better Control and Management of Parking Expenses

    No more drivers carrying around petty cash. With ParkMobile fleet accounts, your drivers pay for parking with the app linked to your corporate account, so you have complete records of all parking transactions.

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  • Drivers Skip the Meter and Pay on Their Phones

    With ParkMobile, your drivers don't have to constantly run back and feed the meter. They can pay right on their mobile device and extend the time of their parking session remotely. So, they spend more time working and less time at the meter.

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  • Extend Time Remotely to Avoid Costly Parking Tickets

    If your drivers are running late getting back to their vehicle, they don't have to worry about getting a ticket. They can easily extend the time of the parking session remotely from the app.

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Clients ParkMobile for Business

Clients ParkMobile for Business

ParkMobile has helped us better manage our parking costs for the 50 cars in our fleet. Plus, our drivers love the convenience of paying with the app.

Bob G.,
Fleet Manager
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Who Uses ParkMobile for Business?

  • HVAC Professionals
  • Cable Companies
  • Sales Reps
  • Retail Delivery
  • Service Companies
  • Municipal Employees

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