Navigating downtown parking can be a headache, especially when you’re on your way to a crucial business meeting or a service visit with a client. Thankfully, ParkMobile makes this process remarkably easy and stress-free. Here’s how your employees can benefit from using ParkMobile and ParkMobile for Business for seamless parking reservations and expense management.

Streamlined reservation process

With ParkMobile, reserving a parking spot downtown is as simple as a few taps on your smartphone. The app allows users to find parking locations near their meeting or service site and choose the most convenient option, right through their mobile device. This means no more circling the block or worrying about finding a spot on time and no more carrying cash or change to feed the parking meter.


Stress-free parking experience

Once the reservation is made, the app provides clear directions to the parking location, ensuring that employees can park without any hassle. The reserved spot is guaranteed, eliminating the stress of potentially being late due to parking difficulties. This ease of use ensures that employees can focus on their meeting or service call, rather than on parking logistics.

Efficient expense management with ParkMobile for BusinessParking Reservations 2

For businesses, managing parking expenses and reporting can often be a cumbersome task. ParkMobile for Business simplifies this process by providing a seamless way to handle parking payments and expense reporting. The ParkMobile app allows for easy parking sessions and reservations, which are directly billed to the company account or wallet. The ParkMobile for Business portal allows for easy tracking of parking costs, reducing the need for manual expense claims.

Additionally, ParkMobile for Business offers detailed reporting features. This helps businesses monitor parking expenses, identify trends, and optimize their budgets. Employees can concentrate on their primary responsibilities, knowing that their parking needs are efficiently managed and documented. Managers can enjoy a reduction in the tediousness of administrative tasks and expenses.

Get started today

To get started with ParkMobile for Business, sign up for a business account here with an administrator’s email address. From there, admins can add as many vehicles and drivers as they’d like. Drivers log into the ParkMobile app under their company account and use the app as normal: all parking costs will be billed to the company’s chosen payment method.

Incorporating ParkMobile into your business travel routine not only enhances the efficiency of parking but also ensures a stress-free experience for employees. Whether they’re meeting clients or handling service requests, ParkMobile’s user-friendly app and robust business solutions make downtown parking a breeze. Try ParkMobile today and transform your approach to business travel and expense management.

For more information, visit ParkMobile and ParkMobile for Business.