ParkMobile, LLC, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in the US, announced a partnership with Westport that will allow customers to pay for parking on their mobile devices.

Starting Friday, June 15, 2018, customers will be able to use the ParkMobile app to pay for parking at 344 spaces across the district. The service will be available on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The ParkMobile app is available for download for Apple and Android devices. Additionally, users can pay for parking on

ParkMobile is additionally available in other areas of Kansas City, St. Louis and Columbia.

As the most widely used mobile parking solution in the country with over 9 million people using ParkMobile’s services over 60 million times per year across 350 cities, ParkMobile is excited to make a difference leveraging our large network of users.


About Westport

Westport was a separate town for most of the 1800s before merging with the City of Kansas City, Missouri. Today, just as it was more than 175 years ago, it is a bustling dining, shopping, and entertainment district. More than 200 locally-owned independent businesses fill the many historic buildings that line its narrow streets. Day or night, it is the location of choice to experience the real and authentic feel of Kansas City. For more information, visit

ParkMobile Contact: Tina Dyer, VP of Marketing, ParkMobile, LLC, 770 818 9036, 770 818 9039 (fax),

Westport Contact: Stacey McBride, Marketing and PR Director, O’Neill Events, 816-561-7555 (o) 816-305-6514 (m),