Despite COVID-19 impacts on the parking industry, ParkMobile continues to expand as cities urgently look to add contactless parking payment solutions.

parkmobile contactless parking solutionParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in the U.S., announced today that the company has reached the 19 million user milestone. While COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the parking industry, ParkMobile has continued to grow as demand for contactless parking payment solutions has dramatically increased. City leaders across the country are urgently moving to add contactless solutions, to avoid having people touch the physical parking equipment which could potentially spread the virus. The company expects to hit 20 million users by September this year.

ParkMobile’s strong brand awareness and large network of users are key reasons why 20 new cities (listed below) have launched the app since January.

  • Allentown, PA
  • Bethlehem, PA
  • Belmar, NJ
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Charlestown, MD
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • East Brunswick, NJ
  • Easton, PA
  • Estes Park, CO
  • Harrison, NJ
  • Hood River, OR
  • Lawrence, MA
  • La Crosse, WI
  • Little Rock, AR
  • Noblesville, IN
  • Oxford, OH
  • Passaic, NJ
  • Reading, PA
  • Roswell, GA
  • South Orange, NJ

Beyond the city parking, ParkMobile has also introduced service at several Universities including the University of Georgia, the University of Pittsburgh, Kansas State University, and the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

According to a recent ParkMobile research study, as a result of COVID-19 people plan to increase their use of personal vehicles and decrease the use of public transit and ride sharing. So, as people go out more often, finding and paying for parking will become increasingly important. Additionally, the study showed that 40% of people plan to increase usage of contactless payments due to COVID-19, while only 4.5% will decrease usage.

“We have been very busy in 2020 and we have great momentum going into the second half of the year,” says Jon Ziglar, CEO of ParkMobile. “Because of our strong brand awareness and large network of users across the country, we are able to quickly and easily transition cities to contactless payments.”

To get more information about adding contactless parking payments in your city, fill out this form and a ParkMobile representative will contact you.