Are you looking to travel during the holidays?

Holiday travel is among the most stressful ordeals that you have to deal with. With the pandemic affecting travel, you’ll have even more to deal with as you formulate your plans for your holiday trip. Before the pandemic, though, it was the parking that made traveling such a pain.

It was next to impossible to find a good parking spot no matter what during the holidays. Finding a spot to park in took some luck and persistent roaming. To make it easier for you, though, the ParkMobile app will find solutions for you.

Read what’s below to find the best parking spots this holiday season. Learn how ParkMobile can help you have a stress-free holiday trip today!Holiday Travel Guide: Tips on Finding Best Parking Spots This Season

Save a Spot Before Your Flight

Most trips during the holiday mean that you need to fly from one place to another. This is because most live farther away from their families as they look for business ventures to better their lives. While traveling in itself is great, doing it during the holidays can be the most stressful thing you can do.

There are many layers of stress associated with flying during the holidays. The first layer involves trying to find a parking space near the airport before your flight. You’re already running on the clock, and you don’t need to waste more time looking for a spot to leave your car in.

With the app, you will have no problems as you enter the airport. You’d have saved and even reserved a spot for your car long beforehand. This is because the app partnered up with select airports to support their functions.

If you have a flight with one of their partnered airports, you can use the app to check any vacant spots in their garage. From here, you can reserve a spot and even pay for it from your phone. You’ll only need to look for the spot when you arrive, ensuring you don’t waste any more time on your trip.

Coming Back From Your Trip

What’s great about the app is that it helps you during your return trip, too. It often takes people days before they come back to fetch their car if they left it in the airport garage. During this time, their mind wanders and they’ll forget something important, their airport parking ticket.

Without it, you won’t be able to check your vehicle out of the airport without much difficulty. Doing this will only add to your stress, making you question if your trip was worth it all.

What’s great about the app is that it can serve as your parking ticket! You only need to scan the app at the exit booth to pay for your parking. You’ll then receive a receipt via email later on.

This also means that you’re using contactless payments. It’s a great perk to have nowadays, as it slows and prevents the spread of viruses.

Park in a Spot Where You Can Avoid Crowds

This is for when you’re already at your destination and managed to rent a car. You’ll likely be doing this if your airport is still far away from your actual destination. Along the way, you may think of doing some grocery shopping or stopping by a retail store to complete your shopping list.

When doing this, it’s best that you find a spot that’s farthest away from your stops. This is important because it’s less likely that people will park in those spots. Doing this also allows you to avoid crowds as you’re looking for your car later on.

If you don’t want to do this, you can learn the peak hours of the area, instead. With the help of ParkMobile, your holiday parking will be easy and stress-free. You will know when ahead of time when the best time to park is.

This way, you won’t worry about running into tons of people as you go out of your car. It’s also a great way to use the app to familiarize yourself with the schedules of new cities.

Count How Much Time You Spend Outside

While you’re parked outside, it’s often a good idea to be wary of the time. Even if it’s the holidays, you’re still under obligation to park only as long as the meter allows you. What’s great is that you can tell how long you can park your car by the colors on the curb.

Some cities paint their curbs a certain color to tell people how long they have before they get a ticket. White zones, for example, are for 5-minute stops. This is best for loading and unloading only.

Green zones allow you to park up to 30 minutes without getting a ticket. These are perfect for any quick, last-minute trip to the mall.

Blue and Yellow are for disabled and commercial parking, respectively. It’s best to avoid these spots unless you count for either option. What’s great is that the app allows you to see the zones of each parking space, helping you make an informed decision when parking.

Look For Isolated Parking Spaces

Nowadays, isolated parking is often best to avoid the spread of the infection. ParkMobile offers you a great number of choices for parking spaces, and some of them are even isolated or covered!

You can see tell which parking spaces are different from the icon that they have on the app. ParkMobile uses them to denote special cases for parking. Covered parking, gated parking, and even parking for electric cars with EV charging ports are available for selection.

Use This Holiday Travel Guide to Have a Stress-Free Trip Today

This holiday travel guide will give you tips to get the best parking spots using the ParkMobile app. Reduce the stress brought about by the season and keep everything moving with ParkMobile! Download the app and find your parking spaces now!

Do you want to learn more about ParkMobile? Check out our ParkMobile Tips and Demos page – we’ll teach you about the finer points in using the app to make your experience smoother!