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As always, ParkMobile’s best ideas for new features and functionality come directly from the needs of our customers and our users. In 2020 and into 2021, we’ve been working hard to introduce new features and make improvements to the ParkMobile experience to make it even better. As part of our ongoing webinar series, we asked Joy Guerin (Group Product Manager, ParkMobile) to give us a rundown of the latest and greatest ParkMobile features, including a preview of what’s on the horizon. 

Here are a few of the highlights from the What’s New in ParkMobile Product webinar:

1: Convenient Ways to Pay Outside of the ParkMobile App What's New In ParkMobile Product | Webinar Recap

The oddities of pandemic life gave ParkMobile some unique insights into user behavior in 2020, especially for first-time users. One frequent source of friction we noticed for new users in particular was the need to download the app or create an account just to pay for parking. As a result, ParkMobile focused heavily on creating less-demanding options for parking payment including pay-by-web and guest payment. Simply rolling out these changes saw ParkMobile almost triple in some areas.

2: New Signage Helps Drive Adoption and Awareness

In addition to updating the user experience and payment options, we updated signage to make getting started with ParkMobile easier than ever. Notable updates to the signs include QR codes and text-to-pay options that seamlessly filter into the new pay-by-web experience.

3: Spanish Localization Expands Access for More Users

This year, ParkMobile doubled down on its commitment to making the app available to the nearly 35 million Spanish speakers living in the United States. The app has been fully localized, including the on-demand and reservation parking flows.

4: More Integrated Payment and Registration Options for iOS and Android

While improving and rolling out non-app payment options was a big push in 2020, we’re also continuously working on making the in-app experience more convenient with third party sign in and payment integrations. Now, users can take full advantage of the ParkMobile app while using their Google or Apple credentials to login. Additionally, ParkMobile is adding new payment options, including a button to use Google Pay on Android. 

Coming Soon: Map Filters, Robust Search, and other Easy Planning

ParkMobile is working closely with our customers to find more ways to add value for app users. By providing us the right data, ParkMobile has been able to roll out convenient features, like map markers to predict curbside availability, filters to search for specific parking amenities, and more. If your users have particular parking needs, we encourage you to reach out to your account manager to see how we can help.

Coming Soon: A More Accessible ParkMobile Experience

In 2021, ParkMobile is undergoing an extensive audit on our app to ensure every part of the experience is fully compatible with accessibility tools, like voiceover that many users rely on.

ParkMobile Stays Committed To Meeting Customers Where They Are

Driving many of these innovations is a belief that meeting customers where they are, on their preferred device, payment method, or experience is essential to expanding the user base and adding value in the long term. We are constantly drawing from user and customer research, surveys, competitor analysis, and more to define our roadmap and stay ahead of the latest trends and preferences.

During our hour long chat and Q&A session, Joy went into much more detail about the many exciting things on the ParkMobile horizon. To watch the entire presentation, click here for our on-demand link.