Navigating a busy city amongst the hustle and bustle of people, cars, and traffic can be challenging. Finding parking in that city can be even more challenging. Now imagine having a job that requires you to navigate that city frequently, as you weave between multiple appointment destinations – all of which require you to find and pay for parking beforehand.

Let’s look at the following example.

An internet service provider has 200 on-the-ground technicians operating daily to manage installation appointments for customers in the city of Atlanta. For the technicians, this requires serving customers at their residences within scheduled, time-sensitive windows. And for the customers, on-time arrivals are impactful when it comes to their experience with the provider.

Parking, however, can pose challenges for technicians when navigating between destinations.

When servicing customers downtown, where demand for parking is high, technicians may struggle to find available on-street parking. This may lead them to a nearby parking garage instead, where they quickly discover a “Cash Only” sign. In frustration, they’ll have to navigate back to the street, exploring side-streets further away from their destination. When they do finally come across an open parking spot, they then have to manually enter their vehicle information at the meter and pay using a credit card.

If they’re already running late, they may forget to grab the receipt when processing their transaction at the meter, making submitting a parking expense the next day impossible. To make matters worse, if the installation appointment exceeds the amount of time entered to initiate the parking session, these technicians have to return from their appointments with a parking ticket waiting for them on the windshield.

Eliminate Parking Pains for Your Business

When interfacing with paid parking while on the clock, ParkMobile for Business eliminates the pain points that employees face. At ParkMobile, our goal is to power smart mobility for every driver and every vehicle, so any time an individual is moving from point A to point B, we ask ourselves how that process can be optimized for efficiency. If you manage a fleet as part of your business, ParkMobile can give your drivers a smarter way to pay for parking, while also giving you better visibility into how your vehicles are being used.

When it comes to parking, managing expenses for multiple drivers can be challenging. ParkMobile for Business alleviates this challenge by allowing you to manage your fleet’s parking expenses through one corporate account. By joining the program, you can save time and money by using the ParkMobile for Business to keep track of all of your fleet vehicle parking receipts, payments, and reimbursements.

With ParkMobile, businesses can manage their parking expenses in an easier way – for both the business and the employee.

  • Maximize Visibility. With all of your employees and company vehicles registered under one corporate account, you have full visibility into your operation. Through your account, you can see when and where each of your employees is parking at any given time whenever they use ParkMobile to process their parking transactions. You can set alerts around your fleet schedule, manage your spending, and download monthly statements.
  • Streamline Expenses. With all parking expenses being processed under one account, it’s easy for you to manage your expenses. Your employees no longer have to carry cash, collect receipts, or file expense reports that you have to consolidate later. With ParkMobile for Business, your drivers can easily pay for parking using the ParkMobile app linked to your corporate account so that you have complete records of all parking transactions.
  • Provide Momentum. When you’re giving your employees an easy way to find and pay for parking, you’re not only improving their employee experience, but you’re also ensuring that they’re navigating smoothly and arriving to their destinations on time. With ParkMobile, they don’t have to constantly run back and feed the meter to avoid getting a parking ticket. Instead, they can pay for parking directly from their mobile device and extend time remotely.

ParkMobile for Business makes the logistics involved with managing a corporate fleet easier for your business. And when you make the process easier for your business, you make the process easier for your employees. Over 1,200 companies across the United States are currently using ParkMobile for Business.

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