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Parking and Payment Processing: Why Choice is Key


Originally published in the IPMI Blog on May 27, 2021 In the world of parking, mobile apps and contactless payment are becoming the new norm. This rapid digital acceleration has been largely advantageous for parking operators who are looking to of...

Smarter, Contactless Parking Solutions for Colleges and Universities


Download Brochure   ParkMobile partners with 140+ colleges and universities. Whether you’re managing a barrage of new freshmen, a crowd of sports fans, or your day-to-day influx of commuting staff and students, we’ll help you make parkin...

ParkMobile Raises the Gate


Download Brochure ParkMobile now seamlessly integrates with your gated equipment, making it easy for customers to pay for parking. Rather than inserting a credit card or cash at the kiosk, the customer can quickly scan their ticket and pay with the...

ParkMobile For Fleets and Corporate Vehicles


Download Brochure When you offer ParkMobile in your city, you support local businesses and municipal employees. With ParkMobile for Fleets and Corporate Vehicles accounts, organizations can provide their drivers with a smarter way to pay for parking...

Enhance the University Parking Experience with Daily Decision Parking


Download the Brochure A number of colleges and universities are considering modern alternatives to long-term permits and other embedded parking models. Campuses across the country are looking to contactless parking systems to successfully roll out n...

Powerful Strategies for Marketing Your Parking Program Ebook


Download Ebook An effective marketing strategy is at the heart of any successful mobile parking program launch. With the right marketing playbook, you’ll be able to improve compliance, drive app utilization, and create a better customer experience...

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