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  • Why did I receive this Nift gift?

    ParkMobile is giving Nift gift cards to its customers. It’s a little ‘thank you’ for being a valued part of the ParkMobile community. Enjoy the gift!

  • How do I use my Nift gift?

    In the email you received with your Nift gift card, you will find a Nift gift code. Just enter this code at or click on the link in the email and follow the prompts to get matched with your gift.

  • What is Nift doing with my information?

    In order to activate your Nift gift card you will have to sign in and enter your information. Nift takes privacy very seriously and does not share your information with anyone. You can ask Nift to delete your personal information from the system at any time. You can read more in our Privacy Policy here.

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Nift was designed with new businesses in mind. Your Nift gift card will match you with businesses nationwide that are a part of the Nift Network. Tell Nift what kinds of products, services and places you’d like to try, and Nift will match you with the best available gifts that suit your preferences. View Nift’s Website or our Support Center article for more information.

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