Hey, I’m Jeff from ParkMobile. Today I want to show you how to set up your ParkMobile account. It’s really easy. You just download the ParkMobile app for your Android or iOS device. First thing, is you’re gonna create your account. So just use the standard email that you use for anything and then create your password, accept the terms and conditions and press sign up. That creates your account for you. The next step is to create the vehicles that you want within ParkMobile. Now you can actually store five different cars within the ParkMobile app. Simply put in the license plate number. Choose the state that you’re in. And then give your car a nickname so if you’re driving a Accord or a X5, whatever you’re driving, just make sure you’re identifying that car, so you know which one it is within the ParkMobile app. So once your account is set up in the ParkMobile app, you’re all ready to start parking. So give it a shot and discover a smarter way to park.