Here’s how digitalizing parking payments can benefit you and your city:

Enhanced efficiency and cost savings

  • Better resource allocation

    Multi-space meters and mobile app-based solutions require less maintenance, fewer repairs, and lower operational costs. Cities can reallocate resources previously used for meter maintenance and enforcement towards other community improvements and services.

  • Reduced infrastructure costs

    Cities and parking lot operators can significantly cut costs by reducing the number of single-space parking meters, leading to higher mobile adoption and faster digitalization.

Environmental benefits

  • Lower carbon footprint

    Traditional parking meters require regular servicing, and even newer kiosks produce miles of paper parking recipes daily. Reducing the number of these meters translates to fewer emissions and paper waste, contributing to a cleaner environment.

  • Reduced material waste

    The production, installation, and upkeep of single-space meters generate significant material waste. Transitioning to mobile parking solutions minimizes this waste, promoting a more sustainable urban ecosystem.

Improved urban aesthetics and accessibility

  • Clutter-free streets

    Removing single-space meters declutters sidewalks and streets, making urban areas more visually appealing and pedestrian-friendly. This enhances the overall cityscape and improves accessibility for all residents.

  • Better space optimization

    Multi-space meters and mobile parking solutions free up valuable street space, allowing cities to repurpose these areas for bike lanes, green spaces, or additional parking spots, thereby optimizing urban space usage.


Smart Columbus – City of Columbus, OH

Asbury Park, New Jersey

Digital success stories

Operationally, the reduction of on-street meters and the associated coins has freed up operations staff for other assignments. Coins are becoming increasingly expensive and risky to collect, transport, and redeem. These electronic funds are received without the need to collect heavy coins or worry about leakage from theft.

Sue M.,
City of Clearwater

Within 6 months of implementation, payment via credit card/smartphone was the City’s number 1 use of payment for parking and that has only continued to grow.

Paige I.,
City of Birmingham

Once we had enough adoption, we started to eliminate our outdated single-space meters in favor of ParkMobile and strategically placed multi-space pay stations. In most of our downtown, we have been able to transition to mobile payment only format.

Sue M.,
City of Clearwater

Why ParkMobile is the future of parking

  • Forget about scrambling for loose change or dealing with finicky card readers. With ParkMobile, you can pay for parking right from your smartphone. Simply open the app, select your parking spot, and complete the transaction within seconds.
    Parking Lots
  • Need to stay a little longer? No problem. With ParkMobile, you can extend your parking session remotely without rushing back to feed the meter. Just a few taps on your phone and you're all set.
    Zone Parking 1
  • Secure, encrypted transactions ensure that your payment information is protected, providing peace of mind with every use.
    Parking Reservations 2

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