Smart Parking Just Got Even Smarter

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ParkMobile now offers a convenient, smart, and contactless option to pay for parking with Google, seamlessly integrating the ParkMobile experience inside the Google Pay™ app.

Google Pay users can access ParkMobile’s services in over 300 cities across the U.S. without needing to download the app or create an account. In the coming months, the partnership will expand access to ParkMobile’s entire network of over 450 cities and thousands of garages, universities, and venues.

This new Google experience leverages the ParkMobile 360 Platform, which offers a set of tools and connections enabling technology partners to plug into ParkMobile’s vast parking inventory, creating new ways for cities and operators to add additional contactless payment options. Built for mass-scalability, the ParkMobile 360 Platform enables Google Pay to roll out across hundreds of cities simultaneously. For ParkMobile clients, there is no additional work required, as all the rates, payments, enforcement, and reporting will still be handled through ParkMobile’s centralized systems.

How It Works

  1. User opens the Google Pay app on their mobile device and selects the ParkMobile option
  2. User enters the zone number posted on the ParkMobile stickers and signs around the meter and parking spot
  3. User adds or selects a vehicle to pay for
  4. User selects the duration for the parking session
  5. User starts the parking session, paying with their Google Pay account


Increase contact-less payments and revenue

Now, any Google Pay user will be able to use ParkMobile, helping drive higher adoption of mobile parking payments.

No need to make people download multiple apps

Users do not have to download the ParkMobile app; they can do everything within Google Pay to pay for parking.

No operational changes required

Our seamless integration with Google requires no work on your end.

Improved parking experience

Offering more contactless payment options creates a better experience for your customers.

Integrating navigation with parking

In the future, users will be able to start a parking session right from Google Maps.

Payment processing remains the same

Google Pay has no impact on your current Merchant of Record.

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